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    I have just applied to work at perisher as an certified ski instructor part season (during NSW school holidays). Just a few questions, what sort of stages do i need to progrss through in this application?

    Would I need to do an interview in perisher? Also if I get the job what sort of accommodation do you suggest, I cant use the staff accommodation as its only available for staff who are working the full season.

    If I stay in Jindabyne how easy is it to get to the ski tube without a car?

    Also what sort of pay would I be expecting and ~how many hours a week would I except to receive, noting this is the peak season that I would be working in.

    Thanks if you answer any of these questions!

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    Whatever they request
    Whatever you can find
    Not easy unless you have friends but not hard if you get up early
    whatever is left over after the full timers are assigned

    Pray for snow and enjoy your season.
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    Heyo, I'm doing my first season as an instructor this year so I haven't actually worked a season yet but I've done a heap of research so :
    After the initial application if they like your resume they will request additional information (can't remember exactly what), assuming that goes well they will request an online interview so no on-snow interview is required which I believe is different to previous years. If you are successful with the interview you're then required to do a reference check and then you will find out if you have the job.
    Not too sure about how you would go about finding accomodation. Same for lifts but my brother is taking his car for the season so if you can't find anyone you could just pm me.
    I'm currently on around $21 an hour and from what I've gathered hours can vary quite a lot but if you've got some experience and are arriving peak season you'd probably be fine.

    Good luck :)
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