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    Hi all,

    We’ve just launched our free 3-day Ski Pass contest so I thought I’d post the information here in case you want to take part.

    Complete a survey and get a chance to win 3-day ski pass at your favorite skiing resort!

    We are determined to create an ultimate app for ski lovers. Your answers will help us to implement solutions that will improve your skiing experience.

    Please, spare up to 15 minutes of your time and fill in the survey.

    We give out 3-day ski pass at any resort among those who completed the survey.

    *under the 3-day ski pass we mean a ski pass at any skiing resort within the price of €200
    *in case you are willing to buy more expensive ski pass, we will transfer €200 to your bank account

    Survey link is:

    Good luck and thank you!

    BillyKidd Well-Known Member

    Who are you? This looks more like a phishing expedition for personal details.

    Suggest members don't do this until some legitimate detail is provided.

    Nataliia Just Registered


    I and my friend are planning to create a free mobile app for all ski lovers. This app aims to help people with:

    1. Get a ski pass online
    2. Find a new friend already being on the ski slopes (Meeting point to gather with friends)
    3. Help people with navigation on Resort and help to navigate to a friend
    4. Search for the nearest café
    5. Emergency call to the mountain rescue services etc..

    To put our plan into reality we have to know which kind of features people want to see in such an app. That’s why we created a survey that consists of 18 questions.

    We don't need personal details, only professional opinion from people who love ski or snowboard.
    But to do a contest among those, who will complete the survey we need some information only for contacting a winner, that’s all. This information is email and name. After the contest, we will delete all personal details such as name and email. We will choose 1 winner automatically. The required number of completed questionnaires is 300.

    And of course, we asked for the permission from moderators to publish the survey.

    Nataliia Just Registered

    Thank you very much for supporting. We need 100 more completed questionnaires and we will choose the winner.
    Please, help us to complete the goal and win a 3-day Ski Pass.

    One more time thanks the admins and those who completed the survey for support)
    Legs Akimbo

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    Crap survey.

    BillyKidd Well-Known Member

    It is a phishing stunt

    Nataliia Just Registered

    Thanks, will take into the consideration all comments even the worst ones! We need 50 more filled questionnaires. As soon as we get it, we will choose the winner:)

    Crystal Sand skier extraordinaire Moderator Season Pass Gold

    was a winner chosen ?

    Nataliia Just Registered

    Hi guys,
    thank you very much for the support. The contest is finished. We will contact the winner directly by email)))):):):)