Whistler Season 2012/13

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    A friend and I are hoping to do a season in Whistler this year. I have been trying to get to grips with all the things that need organised before leaving and there are a few things I still can't manage to work out. If anyone knows the answers to my questions then thanks a lot for the help, and sorry if they're stupid.

    1) We both turn 18 later this year, in June and early October - this means we are unable to get working holiday visas at the moment, do they run out/do chances get significantly slimmer of getting one as the time goes by? How long does it take to get a visa if your application is successful? I f you don't succeed in getting one are you able to get a holiday once until the new year and reapply from within Canada as a last resort?

    2) When is the job fair in whistler? I have repeatedly seen it mentioned and everyone who has done a season says it is crucial, but I can't find dates for it or information as to what it actually is? What format does it take and do you sit interviews on the spot or is it just a means of finding out what jobs are available?

    3) Ideally we would both like to be instructors and I have been in touch with Whistler Blackcomb about the details of this. The information says "Snowboard Instructors must be certified with a CASI Level 2 certification or CASI Level 1 with previous teaching experience. Whistler Blackcomb welcomes foreign instructor certifications!" does this mean foreign certifications are an accepted extra or is it possible to apply for the job if you have the equivalent British qualifications?

    4) What is the best time to get out to Whistler? I can see that going early will have clear advantages in terms of acquiring a job, but we have employment lined up at home, in Britain, in the months running up to our departure so the later we leave the more feasible it will be.

    5) I can see that accommodation is going to be very expensive, but so that we know we're looking at the right sort of thing is there a vague price range that we could be looking within for the whole season?

    Thanks for any answers, and if anyone has any extra information I have not asked about, we'd appreciate all the help we can get! Thanks again.