Where to buy ski gear in Japan?

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    Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good NYE!

    I have booked my flights to Japan in Feb and have planned to buy some boots/ski.

    Anyway I was wondering what the ski gear market was like in Japan? Is it more expensive then buying in Australia or cheaper?

    We are staying in Osaka, Tokyo, Nagano, Hakuba. Any reccomendations for ski shops in that area would be appreciated [​IMG]

    Thanks for your help [​IMG]
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    My experience is that, if you know where to look, gear in Japan is much cheaper than in Oz. The only problem is getting the shoe size, although should be less of a problem in Tokyo. Read the above thread and make a beeline for there once you arrive.

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    yes, watch for 'asian sizing' on the box. Gave up trying to find a Burton US10 boot without it. Ended up ordering online.

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    yeah, as above, if you have an average foot size or above you would do well to buy locally to avoid disappointment. also, i don't know that i'd want a language barrier during a boot fitting.

    the size issue would also count for skis - i spent an afternoon trawling the strip down the hill from ochanomizu looking for a k2 parkstar in 160 and was told countless times that they were sold out in that size or that they'd never even stocked that size. that was early march though, so it was very late season...

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    Nagano has a few Sports stores larger department style stores, kinda like Rebel Sports, they're probably only accessible by car, but they are cheap and stock major brands. Sports Depot and Xebio Sports are 2 I can remember. Buying gear in Hakuba you will be paying premium prices. I did however score a snowboard for ¥40,000 in 2008, it was a previous year model.
    Osaka has a few Sports Depot and Xebio style stores. but there was a one huge department store, which had some pretty good mid season sales, it was called SPOTAKA, don't really remember where it is. http://www.spotaka.com/access/index.html
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