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    Travelling from Brisbane to the snow fields on the 23rd of June - 30th.

    Out of Thredbo, Perisher and Falls Creek which would be most advisable at this stage to go to?

    I am just unsure in regards to which field would have the most lifts open (based off previous years) in comparison to the amount of people there. It would be preferable to be able to stay on the slopes at a reasonable price for 4 people. All have which been to the snow 3+ times each.

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    I can't speak for Falls, but Perisher would have better coverage then Thredbo. That would also mean more lifts open.

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    Ok Ill have a crack at answering this one.

    When you say travelling do you mean by car or plane and bus? Coming from QLD you are adding a bit of extra travel time for unreliable conditions at that time of year.

    I have only skied NSW resorts and out of Perisher and Thredbo, IMO I would say Perisher. The runs are a little higher than Thredbo and their snow making technology is better than most. Perisher has already opened, more lifts will/should open by then but how many depends on what mother nature has to offer and what level of rider your other travellers are depends upon which runs your ability allows you to take advantage of.

    If you are looking for on snow accom then on the other hand Thredbo is much better for that due to their village atmosphere. If I had to pick a location in Perisher I would say Smiggins has the best to offer for on snow. Most accom is on the expensive scale. If you are driving down you could have the option of staying in a nice apartment in Jindabyne and skiing both resorts if conditions are on your side.
    Snow Blowey

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    no need to book anything for that time of year. Make your mind up two days out based on conditions and the weather forecast.

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    Try lastminute any time now.
    Some good value, nice for family on snow at Perisher :-
    Eiger, Barrakee, Peer Gynt, Corrobaree.(park at ski tube B/flat with free Oversnow).Barrakee and Peer Gynt are remote from Perisher centre so very quiet, but true ski in/out, near North P and Intercepter lifts. (My 8 year old loves this area).
    smigs :- The Lodge, Snowy Gums, Smiggins Hotel.(You can park at smigs all week if driving, but may have to book earlier as places can be limited)
    Having been to both many times, Threadbo village is great for party and single people. Perisher is more family orientated in my experience. Try and find ski in/out or many places near lifts at Thredbo.

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    In Smigs. do not mix up The lodge with Lodge 21. They are worlds apart. Due to a really bad experience there I will not stay at Lodge 21 ever again. I sincerely hope it has improved since 2009.

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    Just realised your after accom for 4. I should not give this info away but - Try the Perisher Manor, get 2 budget twin share or doubles (whichever you need). These rooms are well priced and basic but position ammenities and food will make a perfect holiday.
    It is right on FV next to V8 chair, ski school and Perisher centre.