Was Michael (from Thredbo run, Michael's mistake) a real person?

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    Hanz Onyawaif

    Hanz Onyawaif Active Member

    I've always wondered if Michael (from Michael's mistake) is a real person and what was his mistake?

    Who was Lenny from Lenny's leap? Is another example.

    Does anyone here know who & how they choose the names of the runs at Thredbo?

    Many thanks

    incogski Dedicated Member

    I don't know about those blokes, but I reckon there will be a run named after me some day
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    Annabuzzy Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Yes it was. I can't remember the full name but I'm pretty sure if you trawl Thredbo's website, or see what you can find on Thredbo historical society, you'll find the answer
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    cin Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    I wonder how bad the mistake was
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    benchives Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    It's pretty obvious that conrod didn't like turning
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    Annabuzzy Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    And Waimea apparently fell a lot
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    Annabuzzy Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    What IS the story behind Lovers Leap? I've never heard that one.
    Telemark Phat

    Telemark Phat Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    The story I grew up with was that Michael was a Ski Patroller doing a afternoon sweep who broke his Leg there. Since the hill was closed he had a bad time waiting to be found and rescued.
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    Kieran Addicted Member

    My understanding was that Michael drove a groomer off a cornice at the top of what's now his mistake. Always wondered how he got it through the trees to get there, so it may well be what's technically known as a "lie".

    Olgreg Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    I heard it as Michael going backwards off the drop on a skidoo. No evidence or witnesses to offer.

    Kieran Addicted Member

    Skidoo sounds more likely than a groomer.

    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    Michael was Tommy Tomasi's uncles pet goat who escaped one night in a blizzard and headed off to join the Blue cow and calf out towards Mt Tate, so legend has it, after Michael the goat set out he wandered for a week or so between Ramshead and the Twin Valleys area before befriending an old wombat in the second creek to the north of the Antons T Bar. Michael, who was quite a randy goat, took quite a shine to the old wombat and that was ...... Michaels Mistake.
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    Snow Blowey

    Snow Blowey Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    Glad i'm not the only one whose had something with a wombat out that way.