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    I was thinking of doing a walking trip in the Thredbo area this autumn but might not be able to get there until early May.

    What's it usually like for walking tracks at that time of year in terms of weather, snow falling, snow cover etc?

    Do the walking tracks close before the Queens Birthday weekend?

    If i miss May, I suppose its November before you can realistically do walks is it?

    Thankyou for any advice.
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    The tracks don't close as such. Anyone can use them at any time. In winter you may need specialised equipment.

    You can get bad weather at any time up there. As you get closer to winter, and the higher you get, it becomes more likely. In May any snow that falls is not likely to be too deep to affect walking - you would need waterproof boots. It will be cool during the day and cold at night. Dress warm.

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    May snowfalls can result in boilerplate ice - see my trip report from a couple of years ago in the BC forum. Some ill-prepared uni students nearly got into serious trouble that day.

    Keep an eye on the weather, listen to advice from the thredbo staff and use common sense on the day.

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    2009 I skied to Kosi and back on the 3rd of May. It is not uncommon for it to get either pretty wet, or snow, as we get to end of May. But you can also score spectacular conditions for walking, with heavy frosted morniongs, and pearler blue days. It will be cool. Maybe consider hiring some snow shoes if there is a bit of snow about.

    Will be good, always is.
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    Not withstanding the other replies, all of which are spot on.... should you elect to head to the mountains for those walks, there are lower elevation options if the weather makes it unsafe or not conducive to trekking up high. Quoting telecrag.....will be good, always is....

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    I agree with ithers. If theres weather which is more likely at that time of year it can gdt very trecharous on the main range.

    On the plus side the cooler weather kills te march flies.
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    Check the forecast and conditions a few days out from planned time and make a decision based on that. Snow some years and none others.

    As jonathonc said - it can be quite slippery and dangerous in places if there is early snow. Is usually shinny on the ridgelines. Carruthers Peak is bad for it. Not to say that you shouldn't go but just use a bit of cautious near any of the major drops. ACtually its an awesome time to go if theres some snow but still walkable.

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    Thankyou for all of the feedback. Much appreciated.

    I'll let you know how we go, if we get there. :)

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    May is splendid when the weather is good.
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