Utah or Colorado first?

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    In need of a pick-me-up for post-holiday blues so looking ahead to 2018 :). Thinking we want to make the most of Mountain Collective (Alta/Snowbird/Snowbasin, Telluride and Aspen/Snowmass) over 3 weeks. Birdman wants to do Telluride/Alta/Snowbird/Snowbasin, leaving his fave Aspen to last before heading home. Thinking of travelling between them all with a hire car. Has anyone done these resorts in one trip before?
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    I don't think it matters. Fly into Salt Lake and out of Denver, or vice versa.

    My entirely subjective opinion, based on my own experience, is that Utah snow is marginally (by a bee's dick) better than Colorado snow, so, all other things being equal, I would do Utah last to avoid the chance of minor disappointment.

    Salt Lake to Aspen is a longer drive than Aspen to Denver, if that makes any difference.
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    I chose to do Utah 1st, a side trip to California, then Colorado. My reasoning was to work up to the higher altitudes to avoid altitude sickness.
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    The difference of that 400-500 metres makes a big deal from my own experience.

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    Agree about doing the lowest altitude area first
    Park City town 6,900 ft
    Snowbird base 7,760 ft
    Aspen Town 7,908 ft

    but the difference is going to be negligible unless staying in Park City to ski the Utah resorts.
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    Sounds like an excellent trip!

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    Having been smashed by altitude sickness in Colorado (Breck, 9900ft from memory), I'd highly (no pun intended) recommend starting low and working up.

    I've previously, on a completely separate trip, stayed in Park City (6900ft according to PP) with no issues.

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    Start lower or you'll spend the first week acclimatizing.

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    I've recently done Altabird prior to Aspen and the trip was great. Can't recommend it highly enough. Doing Utah before Co makes sense as Utah generally gets more snow so if it's early season that is the way to go.
    Next year will be Jackson then Salt Lake then either Telluride or Mammoth depending on conditions.

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    Overall I think this is the best idea, but the acclimatisation posts have a lot of merit.
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    I have never had a problem with altitude sickness, so don't really think about it. If it is an issue going low first is a good plan.

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    It's a weird thing, I've seen it hit people of all spectrums of fitness, and also for the first time on their umpteenth trip.

    I've only had it once, but it was weird as we were in Verbier that isn't very high, but you get a couple of express lifts to altitude and a couple of mornings I needed to chill out in a cafe for 15 minutes before we got going.

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    Good call with Alta and Snowbird separated on the MCP next year.

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    Thanks all for the input. Hadn't considered the different altitudes as we were in Aspen 2015 & 2017 and were ok (kept the hydration levels up and strict no-skiing policy for first two days). Carveman I hear what you are saying tho. You never know when...

    Was thinking of divvying up a 3-week break along these lines.
    2 days Alta
    2 days Snowbird
    3 days for driving/travel (ie no ski days)
    7 days Telluride
    7 days Aspen/Snowmass

    Is 7 days too long for Telluride? We could definitely spend more time in Aspen.
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    Telluride has some great terrain. I have stayed there for 2 weeks and not been bored. Go ballooning at Ridgway to break it up. It's a bit out of the way and a longish drive from SLC.

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    7 days is fine for Telluride. Might find you don't need all those days for the skiing, but the vibe and scenery could make you want to stay forever !

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    Is ballooning possible during the winter? - website for San Juan Balloon Adventures says no...
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    I am 100% sure I was in a balloon basket when I shot this

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    Incidentally, Ridgway is the town where the John Wayne version of True Grit was filmed. It has some classic western architecture.