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    Does anyone know where I can find self contained accommodation in the snow for an upcoming honeymoon. We don't necessarily want to be in ski fields but just want somewhere that gets proper snow. Have been searching and searching via Google but have found nothing except the Heli tour lodges
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    Well, I guess you just have to pick yourself a place, and go from there.

    Do you want somewhere out in the sticks? That might be a bit harder ... however there are plenty of places that have snow during the winter, at all times.

    South Lake Tahoe has lots of rental places, but can be a little fickle on snow at lake level. Basically anywhere in Canada during winter, pick yourself a resort area and go from there.

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    I would look at what areas you are interested in, plenty of small towns, remote areas in Canada for instance. If for instance you look at Lake Louise in Canada, go to and you can find accomotion options.

    Now Lake Louise area might be too cold for you, however VRBO is great for most of the US and Canada once you decide on the area ...

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    I'd be thinking more in Canada than the USA
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    In addition to the websites noted above, most resorts in BC have on-site rental pools for accoms and they will be listed on themain resort site. Tell them you want a cabin or a condo. Those will have a kitchen and many have a private balcony with hot tub. There will be lots and lots to choose from, condos are more numerous than hotel rooms just about anywhere you go.
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    Have a look in Nelson B.C. an old Victorian Mining Town, covered in snow all winter with great skiing near by.

    chunky Old And Crusty

    Baker Creek Chalets outside Lake Louise were absolutely gorgeous.

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    Good resto at Baker Ck too...

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    This is a very good suggestion, Nelson is a great little town, a lot different to a ski hill with a village.

    Theres a couple of places on Allura, we stayed here and it was very nice:


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    Have done a couple of skifaris in BC using ownerdirct. Got some great deals.

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    The powder highway from Nelson BC to Banff AB though Revelstoke is a great drive and well worth the loop.
    We just spent 3 months in Nelson and would move back to live if possible.
    It's a great town and cool ski hill with a consistent amount of fresh falling.
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