Upgrades on an Emirates flight booked as Qantas

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    About to book flights for 3 of us to go to Italy. For some time we were gong to go with Qatar flying Per-Doh return business and Italy legs economy.

    For 10k less we can fly economy with Emirates under a Qantas booking.

    In the past I always get an offer from Qantas to upgrade to business and I usually bid and miss out.

    I am happy to bid a bit larger this time, but my question is will we still get a chance to upgrade this type of booking?

    The Qantas flights get in at 8pm whereas our other option got in closer to 1pm and I always prefer to find accomodation in daylight. Our departure flight on Q will leave 3 hours earlier and get home about same time so okay with us.

    Any experience on the upgrade process here welcome!

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    It's a bus ride from A to B, take tbe cheaper option.

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    If it's an Emirates coded flight , you can't get an upgrade with Qantas points.

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    The flight with Emirates will have a Qantas number aswell, you should be fine.

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    Needs a kangaroo on the tail for you to upgrade.

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    Nope - you will have zero luck getting an upgrade on emirates metal - with or without a QF flight number...

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    No upgrade offer available on Emirates.
    Using points you can only book using a) "Classic flight reward" or b) "Points plus pay flight"

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    If a two class A380, look for the less crowded upper deck cabin (8 seat rows instead of 10 seat rows).

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    As per the above, you cannae upgrade an emirates flight, even if you booked it via Qantas. Tried it again last week, still no joy.

    $10k buys a lot of sleeping pills, and unless everyone travelling with you is on their P-plates, there's a good chance that you'll miss out on the points upgrades seats anyway.
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    10k is probably going to be the balance of our spend!

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    So I can confirm we were never offered the opportunity to bid on any upgrades.

    The extra we spent by booking this way though, gave us more points which we have now spent on exit aisles for our North America trip in dec/jan. Perth to Sydney, Sydney to Honolulu, San Fran to Sydney and finally Sydney to Perth.

    Annoyingly though. Emirates cancelled our flight 12 hours out from departure!!! They let us only know by email and not by mobile SMS which I selected as my preferred contact method!!!!

    When I rang Qantas to confirm and rebook, they knew nothing about it initially!!!!