Townsend Spur (north) KNP - any recent adventures?

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    After my recent Hannel's Spur epic adventure/slog I was now thinking of ascending Townsend Spur from Geehi River. I would drop/plummet straight down to the Geehi from Olsens Lookout, climb Townsend Spur (north) - camp at the top then descent LNC to Opera House Hut checking out Siren Song tunnel along the way. Has anyone recently been up Townsend Spur? Is the road to Geehi Dam open - I'd heard rumours it was now permanently closed.

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    I figure it makes for a better descent...gravity working in your favour. My firm recollection of it from a long time ago was periods of controlled falling through vegetation
    Walking up LNC is a pleasure by comparison.

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    Road to Geehi Dam and Olsens lookout was closed a few weeks ago when i went through. Jindy national parks office was ok with riding it. I could see they had been doing some repairs but looked finished at that stage.
    Its no longer listed as closed on the NPWS site.
    so i think its probably reopened.

    Siren Song tunnel was open at both ends and a work crew had a camping trailer set up at Opera House.
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    Wow, that is contemplating some hardcore regrowth bashing up Townsend. I'd be thinking along the lines of your trip up Hannels but 20m either side of the 'track'. Still reckon there is a Canadian down there somewhere RIP
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    I did LNC in January and the regrowth on Townsend was fierce. Would make the Hannels trip seem easy by comparison!
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    Neo your getting a reputation as a hard man....probably Townsend Spur faces to north so be careful of the reptiles especially as you may be coming up with your chest close to the ground.
    The regrowth sounds demoralising.......

    I have bushbashed over from Olsen Lookout over the Geehi and up to the aduaduct track before the major was not bad then.The other way may be to power thro to Siren Song,Tunnel and Opera House then upstream u take the scree slope leading up onto Townsend Ridge Line.

    Hopefully u will have good photos to show us.
    Just watch this warm weather are obviously very fit. But I would take some salt and or magnesium tablets.Gardening gloves may be useful too for pushing thro dense regrowth.I cannot remember if scree slope is above major waterfall or below?
    Good luck....

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    Sounds like snake heaven...
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    With the days slowly getting shorter if I can't get the 'window' in the next few weeks I'll have to postpone until Oct./Nov. Before I leave I'll create a basic GPS track up the spur to somewhat follow but as long as I go UP I can't go wrong I figure! US - yes I used gardening gloves on Hannels - definitely a must as were the long HD gaiters, long sleeves, long pants etc. Will cut the tip off the right hand index finger on the glove next time so it's easier to fiddle with the GPS. Buffered salt tablets - check. I've been getting much fitter since Hannels and lost quite a few kgs since then! Figuring 5litres of water this time as I don't have the luxury of Moira's Flat to replenish at 1450m nor Byatt's at 1950m. More thorough research required - keep the info. coming! Not looking forward to the plummet down from Olsens.
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    Here's a pic looking onto the spur and the scree slope etc - taken in January this year. You can see the really big waterfall further down. From memory the first waterfall is upstream of the scree slope but I'm not 100% on that.

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    No you cross above the upper falls..going up is head up curruthers west spur till above the falls sidle to creekline >cross the creek start clambering up the scree. .which i figure is also much easier heading down with the aid of gravity. I recall fondly how relieved we were to enter the scree.
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    And watch those Bears It correct that sightings have been recorded down in Opera House or is this "fake news".
    The Team hopes they have not infringed on some bodies copyright...
    Mister Tee on snow shoes

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