Touring Setup for Alaska

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Wheres Walle, Jan 6, 2017.

    Wheres Walle

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    Hey guys,

    Been pondering equipment over the last couple weeks off the back of an impromptu decision to head up to AK in March for some touring action. First time up that way hitting the skin track so a little bit torn as to what skis to take, mindful that we'll probably be encountering a pretty wide variety of snow conditions. I'm thinking my 99mm waist Aus/NZ touring setup is probably a little bit on the small side, but going to bigger than 110mm + waist might be taking it a little too far and making things harder than they have to be on the approaches..

    Would be stoked to hear any insight into the best middle ground!

    Team Weasel

    Team Weasel Active Member

    Haven't been to AK myself, but if you are after some slightly wider skis maybe consider these well-reviewed skis:

    Blizzard Zero G 108 (got a pair, haven't skied them enough to say more)
    K2 Coomba 104
    Black Crows Navis Freebird (or Corvus Freebird for slightly wider)
    Armada Kufo 108

    I'm sure others can suggest more options. Navis looks like it could be a good fit and would still be useable in Aus and NZ.
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    CarveMan Moderator Season Pass Gold

    Have a look at the Salomon QST 106.
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    Seth Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold


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    piolet Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    What you skiing this year?

    Slowman New Member

    I am lucky enough to be at the Sol Mountain backcountry lodge in BC at the moment where DPS Wailler 112 Tour 1's are working very well for me. Light on the skin track and very good in fresh snow.
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    CarveMan Moderator Season Pass Gold

    Haven't decided.

    Depends on what airline we take to Europe I reckon & baggage allowance. Nothing wrong with my Lines that I had in Cham last time and took on the HR, but I'm tempted to take something heavier with kingpins and a super light pair of tourers I picked up 2nd hand a couple of months ago.

    piolet Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    Yeah me neither... want something a hair shorter but stiffer than my praxis but not as heavy as the gotamas I have up there
    90 to 100 185cm and some rocker. Wont be doing a ton of skiing though

    Something for the missus to of course LOL
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    Wheres Walle

    Wheres Walle New Member

    Thanks guys.. was tossing up getting some Wailer 112s in pure.. expensive but could really hit the spot as a do it all ski for touring and northern hemi resort stuff and save the hassle of swapping bindings between multiple skis with inserts etc..
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    Wheres Walle

    Wheres Walle New Member

    a quiver must have.. Line Sick Day 1000?

    Kletterer Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    La Sportiva Vapour Float could be worth a look.

    Zimboo Addicted Member

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    Dynafit Chugach? It's what they're made for right?

    @Seth, no, no you can't end the thread.

    There we are. /thread

    Ajmit321 Active Member

    Jon Ollsens videos are insane of Alaska the snow keeps fracturing and 'avalanching' for lack of a better word looks dangerously insane .

    But yeah not much help - I think you are right about variable conditions.