Too old for a visa - can I work in exchange for accomodation?

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    Does anyone know if I can work in exchange for accomodation (and maybe food) instead of money? I'm too old for a visa. I've been to Hakuba for the past three years on holiday, and love Japan!

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    Not legally I dont think

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    Now many English speaking foreigners including Australian own accommodations in Hakuba and some other major ski resort villages. You can contact them. If it's just you help them and they let you stay at their accommodation for free, I guess you can do it with a tourist visa. If you make a contract with them and get paid with a tourist visa, it's considered illegal.
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    If you like Hakuba very much and will visit Hakuba with 4 or 5 other family members / close friends for 10 years or more, buying a reasonable second-hand apartment might be a good idea:whistle:. For example, this apartment is only 3 min walk to Tsugaike ski resort in Hakuba and it's 3.3 million Yen(about 39,000 AUD).

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    Better pay rates in Australia. Makes more sense to work here, save up a few thousand and then spend a few months in Japan on a real holiday. Don't want to be working in Japan when it's dumping snow, defeats the reason for going.
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    This this this. You're not a poor uni kid or some bum in their 20s who needs to work over there to make it viable.

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    Totally illegal but that doesn't stop people doing it.

    Agree with what B2S and Verm said - just save your dosh and do it properly.

    FWIW I get a few requests for accommodation in return for work but would never do it. Such requests come from people who want to ski, not work. If you're paying people their first responsibility is to work (or meant to be anyway). If people are not being paid then their priorities are elsewhere.
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    But what attracts many workers to the ski resorts, is it the high pay , cheap accommodation ????, or the fact you can ski for 3-4 months of the year.Being a good worker is crucial. But for many its secondary to why they are there.
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    Very true.
    I often wonder about the level of life satisfaction of ski junkies working 9-5/6 days a week, especially in off snow jobs.
    There are a number of jobs that tick the boxes for a few hours skiing in the morning, start work early to mid afternoon, finish by midnight, bed - repeat. But certainly plenty that don't.
    I found it interesting that quite a few hospitality staff I met a few weeks ago were in a ski village for the first time. 'I just wanted to see snow' was said by more than one person. This is your perfect staff member! Hospitality experience. Happy to experience snow from a walking around town perspective, taking ski lessons on their days off.
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    Hired three staff last year - 1 who wasn't a skier but was wanting to try working/living in Japan + maybe learning how to ski, 1 snowboarder who worked in hospitality and was keen to get some Japanese experience on his CV and 1 hard core snowboarder who works casual jobs in Australia. All paid positions.

    Guess which one was the one who had to be prompted to get their full hours in the most?
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    Is liability for any accidents at work an issue (no workers comp insurance.)?

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    I'd say so. Whole box of worms for any injury or accident. How can you say someone was working for you when they were on a tourist visa?