Question Time for a new helmet

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by adsman, Mar 16, 2017.


    adsman Active Member

    I am looking to get a new helmet to replace my Giro Fuse from a number of years back. At this stage I am considering the Giro Range MIPS and Smith Vantage MIPS.

    Obviously fit will be a huge determining factor, but just wondering what experiences people have with these two or others?

    Beerman Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    The Vantage has stacks of adjustable ventilation, which IMO is a big plus.

    hipo Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Agree on the adjustable vents for Aus conditions, including a good seal when closed for those r*****days.
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    gareth_oau Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    I recently got the Giro Range

    Its MIPS, but you also adjust the outer shell rather than an inner cradle so its much lower profile and very comfortable also. You look much less like a telly tubby

    Also comes with:
    a built in gopro mount
    Very nifty magnetic chin strap so you dint fumble it with gloves on

    adsman Active Member

    How did you find the sizing and fit? Some of the reviews I've read say it is a very tight fit and doesn't suit all head shapes.

    gareth_oau Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    Its definitly snugger than an equivalent sized helmet, but still found it comfortable. Just dont tighten it so much

    FatBoyDave Well-Known Member

    I have the Smith Vantage helmet.
    - It integrates with my Smith goggles better than my previous Giro helmet.
    - 2 vent options, so you can vent just the back on the chair if it's a little moist or breezy

    - The green straw construction and orientation of the straws means that you don't get nearly as much cooling effect from the wind when you open the vents as I did on my old helmet
    - The ODT chips suck when compared to the old Bluetooth Motorola Bluetooth speakers I could get with my Giro helmet.
    - The ODT chips don't seem to fit the Smith ear pieces as well.

    Crispy013 Dedicated Member

    Just ordered the Smith Variance helmet, after having a Giro one for the past 7 years. Will report back once it arrives, but choose it mainly to align with the new Smith I/O7 goggles I also bought at the same time. The price also seemed reasonable - US$118. For me though, goggle fit is extremely important so you don't get weird gaps which let in snow/rain/cold air.