Thredbo Ski Lodge Shares/Membership - Is anyone selling?

Discussion in 'Thredbo' started by SarahH, Jan 30, 2017.


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    I am interested in purchasing a Ski Lodge membership in Thredbo, is anyone looking to sell?

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    ask management of The Silver Brumby

    often one or two members looking to sell.

    Well managed club lodge. Best views in Thredbo. Simple and well designed facilities, large spacious kitchen. I think (stand to be corrected) membership changes hands in the $25~$30K range.
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    I've been to Silver Brumby (not a member).
    Nice place!

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    Piste Again

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    One important thing to look at are the number of rooms and the number of members using them, and what the likelihood is of getting a booking in, say, August. One lodge I looked at couldn't guarantee I'd get a booking anytime during July or August because they had so many members per room.

    I have a membership in Currawong and we often have shares come up in the $15-18K range. We're self-catered and well set up, small rooms but more than adequate, and if you're early enough getting the booking in it's not hard to get the dates you want.

    Club lodges aren't set up for people to hide away - they're set up for people to socialise and the bedrooms are for sleeping and shagging. On the flip side I once stayed in a place that my mate described as "submarine accommodation" and you really did have to go out of the room to change your mind.

    I wouldn't consider buying a share in a lodge without staying in it first, and in fact I'd stay a second time to confirm it. This is a home away from home and you need to find something that suits your style. Ignore the "general public" but see what the vibe of the members is like.

    And check the books. Make sure they're in decent financial shape.
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    I was going to say... Hi Noon, generally has a membership or two for sale...

    Probably best to contact management through as there may be more than one currently forsale. If you get in quick you may be able to do a deal before the early bird booking period closes (29 April).

    You'll see full details of the rates etc on the Hi Noon website, so can compare it to other clubs. PM me if you want more info on it as my wife is a member.