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    Barry Way closed too ? Are u talking of going via Cann River ,Goongarah,Bombarla ,Cooma????:whistle:
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    Is the Kosciuszko Express lift working ? I am 90 % sure I am coming to Thredbo this weekend.

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    A lift supervisor told me back in August that this was the only time of year they could close it down, before walking and biking started.

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    It also closes in May for pre-winter maintenance. Snowgums is fine although you do have a 10 minute walk to get to Eagles Nest.

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    One year Kosi needed extra work, and was shut until Xmas (scheduled is usually until Nov some time before mtb season) and we had to ride SG with our bikes. You had to be very careful with your bike at the mid stations.

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    I wasn't careful and it hurt!
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    Reading this article (ignoring the sensational headline and hilarious graphic) I got to this section and immediately thought of the Kosci express:

    "There are also myriad variables to consider when assessing the health of an aging lift. A lift in a mild climate may last longer than one that gets encrusted in ice every winter, and a part-time lift on the back of a mountain will see less wear than the workhorse on the front, according to slides from Mayo's Doppemayer presentation. But by the time a lift gets to be about 25 to 30 years old, the cost of replacing all the fatiguing components, including the chairs and grips, could be 85 to 90 percent of the cost of installing a modern lift. “It makes more sense to buy a new one,” says Jim Fletcher, a ropeway engineer with consulting firm SCJ Alliance."

    Kosci is what 26 years old now? I think this came up before and the word was that the lift does indeed need a bunch of parts replaced every year, and only has about 5 years left in it.
    Mister Tee on snow shoes

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    The weather looks like it will be good on Sat. for a snow shoe trek to Mt. Kozi via the snow gums chairlift. :)
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    Well when they replace it they should DEFINITELY build a new Kareela station right near where the old one was on the old Crackenback chair. The current middle station is in a silly spot and never used, but one up high would allow bluff to be skiable late season when Soupertrail dies but more importantly, allow skiable access between Basin and Merritts sides of the mountain. We all know this makes sense
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    Nice sensationalist article. Operators fail to follow OEM maintenance and inspection requirements or modify it not in accordance with the OEM's design and things fail, well duh. Any mechanical object has things that wear and need to be replaced on a periodic basis or if can't be replaced then either it has to have an inspection regime, a safe life at which replaced or it has to fail safe. If the OEM stops making parts then either you need to find an alternate supplier or make a life time buy that will last until you retire it. As for the comment about being unable to identify fatigue or wear, suggest that he stop teaching anyone to do maintenance as that can be, and is, done everyday on things from bicycles through to airliners. For example If you've ever wondered what the white spray paint looking stuff is on grips and pylons is, it is developer for dye penetrant used in doing NDI inspections for fatigue cracks.Beside that can use eddy current or magnetic particle (or even x ray).

    At least the last few paragraphs make sense and sheet home that it is a lax regulatory environment allowing operators to get away with being cheap on safety and maintenance.

    In Australia there is an AS/NZS standard for the maintenance and operation of aerial ropeways that carry people (it actually is part of the Amusement Ride standard) that details operation and maintenance requirements of them (chairlift operators have to apply for a waiver as part of the standard is that rides must come to a stop to board or disembark). Also WHS Act would result in prosecutions if things mentioned in the article happened in Australia.
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    I will add this to my lexicon of alternative Thredbo run names... Hoon Nine eg
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    ****rod straight

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    Everyong who reckons they know how to run the mountain-side operations... here's your chance to shine:

    Mountain Department Manager
    Reporting to the Resort Operations Manager, the Mountain Department Manager will be responsible for managing Thredbo’s Mountain Department comprising the Lifts, Snowmaking and Grooming and Ski Patrol Departments. The primary responsibility of the Mountain Department Manager is to manage the daily operations of all areas of mountain operations to provide a seamless and safe experience for our guests and staff. The Mountain Department Manager is pivotal in providing leadership and advice to staff and contractors and maintaining Thredbo’s on mountain operational capability.

    These operational areas include: lift operations, snow grooming, snowmaking, ski patrol, bobsled operations, maintenance of on mountain infrastructure such as MTB and walking trails, mountain roads, on mountain signage and summer project work.

    The successful candidate will be chartered with the administrative responsibility for management of the Mountain Department including budgeting and cost control. The Mountain department Manager will drive the continuous improvement of mountain operations optimising both infrastructure assets and staff resources.

    It would be preferable for the successful candidate to possess:

    • Extensive knowledge , experience and understanding of the Alpine resorts industry and a proven track record of managing similar operations
    • Previous Mountain Department managerial experience
    • Extensive exposure to all facets of on mountain resort operations
    • Ability to manage and lead a multi-disciplined team
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Proficient computer skills
    • Good budgeting and cost control skills
    About you:

    • Proven leader
    • Positive, solution oriented attitude
    • Great communicator
    A salary package will be negotiated with the successful candidate subject to qualifications and experience.


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    I wonder who will get it. And who retired?

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    Werner is retiring.

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    But he is just a lad!

    Never forget when K10 was practising for tele L1, Werner asked him what he was doing, he said practising for my L1. Werner replied with Arnie accent, dont waste your time, if you cant already do it, just go home.

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    Interesting. It is the second newest chairlift in Thredbo, dating from 1990, only being older than Cruiser (1994), but of course does much more work than the others.

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    • Proven leader
    • Positive, solution oriented attitude
    • Great communicator
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    Great first couple of days on the new pass, had a hoot on the mtb


    But then, WTF? Had my first ski on the 16/17 pass too, a first for me!


    That was two, so I made the trifecta again



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    need to cover off all variants..
    so the challenge is..
    • skis on the dirt
    • skis on the water
    • MTB on the water
    • Kayak on dirt
    • kayak on snow
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    Its doable atm!
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    That's just silly!
    Snow Blowey

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    Forgot to lock in my passes at the end of last winter. Was wondering whether daughter was still keen enough to buy a season pass. Yesterday (whilst we were walking to the pub together) she said she really wanted to go and ski like a big person again. So this morning i locked in the passes for next season. Going to be part of the xmas present - way to go boring dad that gives delayed xmas presents you can't play with on the day.

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    I'm even worse. Ran out of ideas for gifts and so went and bought a new set of poles for my teenage son (he broke one last winter). Worst than socks at this time of year.
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    Lame bastard.
    Take her to Thredbo on Chrissy day.
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    Thredbo? Grinch. Take her to Copper Mountain.
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    And go hiking for that last patch of snow

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    So you are saying stocks are worse than socks? :)
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    Got a few last laps in on NYE, to see out 2016. Time to start the 2017 thread!

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