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    I'm after some opinions for Telemark skis.
    Can be women specific or mens. Tele or alpine or AT.
    Waist between 85-90. Length no bigger than 160.
    All mountain is good.
    The ski reviews/write ups are confusing & over the top.
    Looking at Liberty Variant 87
    I'm an advanced tele skier. Can ski most terrain, snow. Mostly resort, some slack country.
    I'm finally changing over to NTN after years on 75mm.

    It would be great if they're red!

    Moondog55 Active Member

    Of course red ones are faster; if they have stripes they are faster again. My old Atomic Pamir were red with deep red stripes and I thought they were very much faster

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    K2 Talkbacks (170 cm) are good with Tele bindings. Not sure if the come in a sub-160 length.

    They're very light for their width (88 cm, ~ 120 ish tip), are quite responsive, handle soft snow well and are fairly good on piste. They're also designed to accept skins readily (ie. With tip & tail grommets).

    ...also worth a look are the 96cm waiste. K2 Wayback

    snowgum Dedicated Member

    Sorry that's 88mm & 96 mm waists respectively.

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