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    bullet Well-Known Member

    Hi all, i couldn't find any info in past threads and virtually no reviews online, we (missus and myself) will be away for 2.5 wks in January.

    Has anyone had any experiences or issues with p7 parking?
    Can purchase online for $240.
    Blue Emu would be a little cheaper but also not as close to International Treminal, and outdoor parking.
    Group transfer from wollongong will be the same price. I would prefer the convenience of my own car and not having multiple pickups.

    Is security ok?
    Ive read a few reviews of other offsite providers with many bad reviews of car having damage and lots of extra KM's on the clock etc.



    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    I have used T7 for 10 days, no issues, under cover, too easy. Security is the constant movement of people and traffic, certainly better than the off site options IMHO
    Legs Akimbo

    Legs Akimbo Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    I've used Pronto Parking at the International Terminal once. It worked well. IIRC the car was parked near an office that was occupied 24/7, although I'm not sure how much notice they took of anything. It was on the ground floor of the public car park. Drop off was on the right hand side of the departure level road, so super convenient.

    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    Park as close to the central pedestrian movement area as possible. I think I was on LV 3. Worked for us coming from the Central Coast. Book ahead and ya done.

    hatto Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Have you tried rental one way. drop off is right next to crossing at international terminal.

    hatto Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    About $125 gets you one way wollongong to airport and do same return. Same money but not leaving your car anywhere but home.

    bullet Well-Known Member

    Thanks hatto,good idea if i lived right in wollongong, im actually at Shellharbour. Theres no rental places within about 20 min so would need to muck around with pick up/return of vehicle.

    Thanks to to others for your replys too.

    Its not like there will be anything lift in the car to steal anyway.

    hatto Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Ive done it that way a few time and always been great. Now rental cars down here have to be returned to same place so that makes it no good now.
    robbo mcs

    robbo mcs Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    I park there all the time, never had a problem. Just make sure you park in the multistorey park. There is security there and cameras etc. The main problem is the lifts get very crowded with lots of people with bags etc. Can be a PITA, but otherwise no problems.
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    sn0wbunny29 Well-Known Member

    We use P7 each year with no problem. We try to get as close to the travelator as possible to avoid using the lifts.
    robbo mcs

    robbo mcs Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Oh, and when you pre book the price is actually quite "reasonable", compared to the outrageous prices you pay at the domestic terminal
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    silva Active Member

    We use the valet parking option when leaving from the international terminal. If you book online we have found it very reasonably priced. It is super convenient and we have never had a problem.
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    climberman CloudRide1000 Legend Season Pass Gold

    @hatto which shuttle service did you use? Looking to get one for the return from Syd to the gong.

    K_Bird Active Member Season Pass Silver

    Probably too late for the OP, but in case it's useful for anyone else in future...

    We use the international terminal parking all the time. Especially travelling with small kids, it is SO worth it to be able to have the car ready there when we arrive back. Just walk across the road from the terminal and drive home - no waiting for transfers, no faffing about installing car seats in a hire car or shuttle, etc etc.

    We also have total freedom during the trip to and from the airport - can stop for toddler toilet breaks, or snacks at McDonalds, or deal with carsickness... good times!

    As previously mentioned, there are good discounts for booking ahead online, and in the context of an overseas trip the additional cost is minimal.
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    Nidecker Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Same, the only small trap we fell into this year was we arrived in about 2 hours late, and they charge you casual rates for this, next year, I think we will book an extra day.

    K_Bird Active Member Season Pass Silver

    Yeah, that's a nasty trap. We book an extra day usually. I think it's only about $7 for the extra day if you book in advance, but an eye-watering amount at casual rates.

    bullet Well-Known Member

    Yep, ended up doing this this year and i will be doing it again.

    Only 1 problem, after red eye return flight get back to Sydney and load bags in the car........Flat Battery! GRRRRR.
    Really didnt feel like dealing with that.

    Luckily i had some jumper leads and a kind fellow started us up. Must be something trickling away the charge, as it holds charge now and has no problems every morning.

    Egbert Dedicated Member

    Europcar Wollongong is actually at Oak Flats.