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    I am going on a very short business trip to Germany late Jan and have been able to book 2 days/3 nights in Lech

    Looking for any advice and suggestions on how to make the most of the trip (apart from staying longer....)

    Thanks in advance !

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    Only ski on sunny days until 12 and then .... lunch, a sauna and a nap.

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    Thanks! Not sure the place I managed to book extends to a sauna, so any other suggestions are more than welcome :)

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    Spoil yourself to lunch at the hotel kroner

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    There were some ski routes (marked but not groomed and you have to stay close to the markers) that looked like they would be good. Didn't get a chance to try them. We were staying in st anton and got the bus to lech/zurs a few times. Our days at lech/zurs were pretty cruisy. I'm sure there was more challenging terrain but we just enjoyed the cruising (and dining)

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    definitely do the night sledding
    dinner at the butcher shop is good
    Skih├╝tte Schneggarei - good apre & pizza
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    Rabid K9

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    I enjoy Lech more than the St Anton side. Plenty more snow, of better quality, endless riding options, better low light options as well if you know your way around. Sure it can be a Euro poserfest, but thats all part of the experience.

    Staying up in Oberlech is great, slightly above the main village, love waking up and looking straight across at the mountains.

    The night tobogganing (from Oberlech back down to main village) is a huge laugh, especially suitably fuelled, you'll be bound to have a sore coxic the next day.

    The 'nagelspeilen' game is also suitably entertaining (banging nail into block of wood with adze).

    In terms of piste, endless cruising options, the steepest groomed piste I've ever seen of the back of Rufikoph (you really don't want to loose an edge when it's scraped clean at end of day), the long lift connected 'tours' are great fun and you really cover a vast area of terrain.

    For powder, with fresh snow, plenty of quick to access 'ski routes', have had many days of fun around Zug and Zurs with barely any hiking in or out.

    With two days though, you'll barely scratch the surface.

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    Safest offpiste probably wide off Steinmeahder ( left is popular with guides, out right is a little hidden unobvious gem cutting back to Hasensprung at the bottom). Trittkopf a little more serious. St. Petersboden is a nice atmospheric lunch spot and the tree lined runs in the area are good in bad vis but everyone heads there when its snowing. In Zurs the runs in the Hexenboden area tend to get hard packed quicker. The Madloch run is a must do.