Spine Protector (snowboarding)?

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    blutek Dedicated Member

    Been thinking of getting the POC spine protector. I think it would be worn over your jacket (but still getting used to it being white & bright green).
    I can't see that the ones that look like a shirt would be that effective (loose fit).
    Any recommendations?

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    blutek Dedicated Member

    Thanks, an informative study & surprised to see around 40% of respondents wear them.
    Area of interest/risk for me is direct impact rather than compression injury.

    Yardsale Part of the Furniture Moderator

    Pretty much all the kids who race wear them. You put then under your jacket, on the outside of your outerwear. If there is a a tailbone protector that tucks into your pants.

    FischerAust New Member

    Hi Folks, I delivered some of the Komperdell FIS protectors to Byron at Bumps new store only yesterday.

    They meet the 1621-2 standard. These have a multi layer, high density foam for absorbtion of energy and extend down to protect the coccyx area.

    The worry with hard shells is that they are great for impact with asphalt and rocks (penetration and grazes more common on motorbike stacks) but the absorbtion of energy is not necessarily as effective (snow impact).


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    ... he he... got distracted by a phone call while writing that.

    Under your jacket, but outside your normal clothes/tshirt [​IMG]

    And FisherAust is right. The hard shell ones are fantastic for things like motorcycling (when you are worred about sliding along the road and running over things like cats eyes, gutters etc). The Komperdell ones are made of a material that hardens up on impact, but is normally soft.
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    webberchoked Active Member

    i tried one a while ago. it was really uncomfortable and to be honest how often do you fall on your back snowboarding?
    i always wear one riding downhill on my bike though but your range of movement is completely different and its a way more dangerous sport.

    Darksidepoints Active Member

    I always thought it was something only people who rode the rail park used. Thought maybe people I see riding are wearing them and I just can't tell.
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    Mils Dedicated Member

    yeah park and pipe both places you can do serious damage to your back. well that and backcountry if your a nutball!

    scalymanfish Dedicated Member

    I was going pretty quick and lining up a nice re-entry type snap at the top of a natural wall. I hit the top of it and it's boiler plate. Fell about 10 feet on my tail bone. Scared the shit outa me. Just lucky I was only severely winded.

    webberchoked Active Member

    honestly i dont think ive ever seen any park rats wear them because they seriously restrict your range of movement especially spinning.
    i think its one of those pieces of equipment where its just not functional enough to be useful but the idea of it is good.
    try one yourself and see how you like it, but i hated it
    Lady Mamabear

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    A guy we rode with not that long ago used one, but he also had wrist guards, knee pads and I think impact pants.... Better safe than sorry...?

    I agree with webberchoked. Too restrictive.