South Face Road closure

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    Passion is a poor opponent for the combination of Spin and Red Herrings because rage only lasts so long.
    Beware of the Spinning Red Herring!
    After rallying on Parliament steps to prevent proposed overhead powerlines from Tasmania going through our peaceful bit of Latrobe Valley, it became apparent that that was never in THE PLAN at all.
    It was then built through a sensitive "alternative" forest route in very quick time indeed.
    Heyfield should maybe have budgeted a long ago for beam laminating machines, if that is what is needed to "take smaller logs". Funny fishy smell...

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    Long Term PLAN (from (IEA incudes 20 European countries)

    "Active participation in IEA Bioenergy will:
    support the position of Australia’s forest
    industry to lobby for a reform to state
    and federal legislation dealing with
    the use of forest residues for bioenergy
    enable integration of forest biomass
    harvesting with other IEA bioenergy

    Short Term: (example)
    Lots of trees in Tasmania. 300,000 hectares just released for the Tamar Valley pulp mill "without including any wilderness"
    All reference now being diligently deleted from the internet.

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    Yes, A hundred meters from the Tall Trees Reserve is plenty for some..
    No possums there, and only rainforest in the valleys, which apparently does not count, because VicForests is forbidden from logging rainforest. err.. [​IMG]

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    We just need to face that reality. Looking at the monoculture logging from Feathertop . I see the impressive regeneration that you have described. Better to burn it in boilers than bushfires.
    We should maybe be trying instead to help save the S E Asian forests from the grip of corrupt officials.

    " The authors added that only in places where the relationship between high tree diversity and carbon levels has been established can one be used as an indicator for the other. Specifically, the plots examined in Southeast Asia were found to be both diverse in tree species and carbon biomass, a finding that underlines the need to protect such forests."

    Japan have protected ALL their forests, sad if an earthquake releases Fukushima's China Syndrome and it has to be evacuated :(

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    1. Mill have announced that it will close in 18 months.
    2. Equipment has been removed from Ada coupe.
    3. VicForests will provide only half the requested annual sawlog allocation.

    "oh boy! A win!" cry the people with possums in their pockets.

    1. Will they really?
    2. All felled trees can now be removed .
    3. The allocation will be provided over SIX months (ie no change) !!

    Add to the above a new plan of storing felled logs on the coupes so that they are not tallied and you will appreciate that things are actually much worse than before.
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    If Vic Forest say it's unsustainable to allocate that amount of saw logs then its foolhardy to not heed their professional judgement on sustainable yield.

    Team Bears feel for the timber workers and the township of Heyfield.
    Not an easy solution here..but the government of the day should be busting its asse to help Heyfield by providing a strategy for redeployment of workers or by creating other job oportunities.

    You would wish that planning would have seen the writing on the wall for this mill whereby it's present allocation could not be guaranteed several years ago.

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    OK. VicForests congratulating themselves that the time for submissions on the biggest release of sensitive coupes in their history has now passed without a community scream of rage. Tiny postings of request for comment with dead links in small regional newspapers and calling the releases "small logging operations" was critical to this. (small compared to the woodchip industry, yes).
    Heyfield is main supplier of hardwood to Bunnings and your tables are no doubt made from it.
    That they would not sell the company to the government is a good indication that they aren't going away to Tasmania when the 18 months are up.
    So we gotta LOVE VicForests. Secrecy and spin is the easy way.
    Big changes, please.
    It will be hard. Just released are documents regarding the initial creation of VicForests. Scientific papers were not allowed to be tabled and the authors were restricted to verbal comment.
    Only one step from calling dissident scientist terrorists and droning them.
    (PS Scott Adams WhenHub may be the last chance for the public to own the Internet instead of the other way around.)

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    Today a pollie referred to "supply of pulp" regarding Heyfield problem. Woops! Shot in foot!
    There must be big contractual penalty to be paid if Greenvale supply cannot be maintained until 2030.
    On the other hand ASH failed in 2016 in a bid to take the government to court.
    Diverting 10 percent of Greenvale trucks would leave Heyfield sitting pretty FOREVER.
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    Well I wood love to utilise red gum but it's expensive timber for even posts...
    Our tables are just about all 100pc. Treated soft wood bar one where red gum posts where 50pc reduced at Wangaratta on one occasion.
    So our tables are all from soft wood plantations all treated pine H4 posts and H4 Sleepers,frame of H3.But if somebody supplies me with cheap hardwood we may use it but it is harder to drill and insert screws...

    So we don't want folk saying that treated pine looks out of place in a hardwood stand..all Eucalypts are Harwood of varying's probably more environmental to use soft wood plantation timber and the major factor has to be cost.....

    Yes those soft woods don't belong in an area of Eucalyptus Hardwoods but it's best we can manage....bit of a compromise....only ones with hardwood components ,only a couple with timber sourced from Sunbury Tip and as we said heavily discounted posts for one other.

    We are up to table 20 now but I don't think we are a major player in the demand side of the timber equation.:p
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    Tables look real classy. The era of shrinking, twisting, brittelling and peeling treated pine must be over.
    Can we make house frames of it yet?

    I note logging critics going to water as they suddenly remember that now their every keystroke, tweet, travel, bankin and buying is kept forever in a big bucket for instant retrieval if an unknown algorithm requests it.
    Be aware that internet deletions and shadowbans are in full swing.
    Insiders coming out are gettin rarer.

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    Wow! I could buy a car for the commercial price of materials for a table made from the best hardwood!
    Wot? A hardwood mill is crying poor?
    And that reminds me of a recent quote of 548 dollars to supply (($39) and fit (10 minutes) an ignition bit to my car.
    Greed and goldmines go together.
    And what does it take to radicalize a religion? My wif was nervous about passing a "gang" sitting on an Indonesian street corner. Well, those kids who were no doubt being taught that it is evil to charge interest on a loan were playing chess....

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    Help pls. Just one broiler farm takes 60 semi loads of Heyfield chicken litter per annum. (Weekly Times).
    Heyfield provides more than half the chicken litter to Victorian farms, expanding at 10 per year..
    Is that a reasonable amount of sawdust to expect from a mill operation?
    Might have to listen to John Faine, got an hour to spare?
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    We need locally grown hardwood...what we don't want is an industry that is unsustainable....Possibly our frequent high intensity bush fires have caused problems with the sustainability equation.

    Strict prescriptions for hardwood logging and regeneration need to be adhered to.

    Environmental issues also need to be taken seriously..

    Hardwood logging is not evil.o_O
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    The way it has been conducted historically and recently has paid very little attention to "strict prescriptions" or "environmental issues", hence ecological destruction and species extinction has resulted. Recent court action re: Erinundra a good example. Successive governments and so called "experts" have lied and used weasel words while irreplaceable habitats have been destroyed to sustain a small number of jobs in vulnerable electorates. It could have been done sustainably but that was never the mindset of the people running the industry or working in it.

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    Takeaways from that ABC hour:
    "The Logging Industry is not Accountable!"
    "Sawlog timber is just the byproduct of the Heyfield business!"
    "Victoria is the most cleared state!"
    The most significant comment, which was immediately rubbished:
    "The 40 million is just an effort to extract a freebe from us taxpayers."
    Not only that, but I reckon it would be used on latest woodchipping plant. Rather than have the mill then "Able to handle smaller logs", it would let them process a 70 year old tree in 70 seconds. Efficiency, baby!

    The interdependent industries are so entrenched and unwilling to change (minimum of 100,000 chickens in every broiler farm say they MUST have bedding from forest hardwood, rather than inferior plantation chips) that confrontation and pain seem unavoidable.
    Even if there really are 30,000 possums around, they may be the only way to force some discipline on the rabid cleanout of the remnant natural environment.
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