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    wat17 Active Member

    Realise there are a couple of threads already but all seem a couple of years old.

    I am going over to Japan in January for 12 days and looking for insurance. I am boring so will be staying in the resort boundaries and no heli skiing.

    Looking at Travel Insurance Direct, 1 Cover and Sure Save. All are fairly evenly priced.

    Anyone good or bad things to say about these companies? Anyone else you would recommend?
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    Stratus Addicted Member

    Have used Travel Insurance Direct and 1 Cover.

    TID doesn't cover "off piste" skiing, even if its in the resort boundaries.

    1 Cover will cover everything as long as it is the resort boundaries. They have ski specific insurance, which includes a few more extras compared to regular insurance. Check out the PDS's.

    Stratus Addicted Member

    & Sure Save is a rip off.

    wat17 Active Member

    Sure Save isnt actually that much more, which seems surprising.

    Has anyone actually had to deal with these companies for making claims?

    WaitAwhile Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    We use 1 cover a lot ,but only for domestic purposes and just to cover rental vehicle excess damage,We dont use them on O/S holidays,can't remember why as the wife sorts it out,so sorry but no help there.

    Jafal Just Registered

    WE have used Cover-More a number of times, and this year we had claims after going to Breckenridge .. they seem quite competitive and handled our claims relatively efficiently.

    Budgiesmuggler Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    I use AAMI. covers for off and on piste skiing. made a claim for a busted ski following Japan trip and process ran smoothly.
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    TACKIE Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    Used TID a few times and put in one claim for medicals for busted rib. Paid up with out any problems, no questions asked. But that was a few years ago.

    Crystal Sand skier extraordinaire Moderator Season Pass Gold

    We have gone with Sure Save for years. Had a massive claim 2 years ago when master broke his leg in Canada. 12K

    The process was smooth and they agreed to pay, they took forever though to actually pay out the hospital bills in Canada to the point of having the hospital send debt collectors letters to us. I was speaking to the hospital accounts department every 48hrs so managed to stop legal action from happening.

    So no issues agreeing to the claim, no issues paying out us, no issues helping us with changing air travel, hotels, transfers, refunding lift tickets and ski school, reimbursing for medical supplies and clothing to fit said child with bigger clothing ect.......but just would not pay the bills in Canada on time. We are talking 4 months late even though the claim was settled and approved.

    Would I go with them again…… I’d have to think about it.

    Kash Active Member

    Ive always used the free travel insurance on my credit card.

    If your provider doesnt offer it, look into getting one that does. It will save you a packet, and you are usually eligble if using the card to purchase 50% (sometimes all) of your pre-travel costs.

    JoelRin Just Registered

    Sorry to bring up a 2 month old topic but can anyone recommend an good Insurance company for an Annual policy that includes cover for off piste?

    I'm spending 6 months in Fernie and then looking to pick up some work in Calgary once the season's over, so I need annual cover.

    I'm not working for the whole 6 months in Fernie, just riding everyday so I definitely need off piste cover.

    In the past I've gone with QBE, had no trouble with claims when I dislocated my shoulder in Austria off piste but they want $2000 a year for cover...

    sara777 Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Except that some credit cards travel insurance will not cover off piste skiing or pre - existing condition ( ie. my credit card insurance wouldn't cover if I snapped my already reconstructed ACL ). AAMI covers everything except professional sports.
    BTW, there is no heliskiing in Japan to my knowledge, so don't have to worry about that.
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    Astro66 Still looking for a park in Thredbo

    I read the 1 cover PDS, cover to cover. They have very few exclusions involving skiing. Used them last 2 years. Never claimed though.

    Slim Active Member

    Hi All,

    For those interested QBE is by far the most comprehensive insurance i have been able to dig up but you pay for least double others based on the duration of my trip this year (42 days so got annual policy)

    Not only does it cover you for off piste, terrain park, heliskiing, full evacuation costs etc, but it also covers things that most people on here have not discussed. eg: Service provider insolvency (which just about all others dont...think Ansett, Air Australia etc). They also cover acts of terrorism and natural disasters interupting with your plans, which suprisingly most others seem to have as exclusions...i particulalrly like AAMI's very specific clause to avoid payouts to those potentially putting thier lives on the line to help...."anything directly or indirectly caused by, resulting from or in connection with any action taken in controlling, preventing, suppressing or in any way relating to any act of terrorism"

    Please see below for my email correspondence - note: no good for those needing mountaineering cover.

    Hi There,

    Could you kindly confirm if your Worldwide Travel Insurance Policy will specifically include
    cover for the following, as these items do not appear to be directly addressed in your PDS?

    1. Backcountry touring and skiing with a professional guide?
    2. Offpiste skiing inside the resort boundaries?
    3. Offpiste skiing outside of the resort boundaries?
    4. Skiing over jumps and other typical obstacles found in a terrain park
    5. For all of the above will insurance cover evacuation costs if required?
    6. I had a broken leg 19 years ago. Can I assume this does not count as a
    pre-existing injury/illness?

    Thanks for your time,


    Dear Stuart,

    Thank you for your response.

    I will base our advice on the product sold via and on QBE Direct WD26 policy wording.

    You are covered under the International and Annual Multi-Trip policies while skiing / snowboarding if you purchase the snowsports option - cover would include off-piste, skiing in / out of bounds, cross-country (not racing), jumping, heliskiing etc. If you do not select the snowsports option there would be no cover.

    If you injure yourself while participating in the above you will be covered as per normal for medical expenses and evacuation if you have selected snowsports cover.

    In regard to your fractured leg, if the incident occurred 19 years ago and you are currently not receiving any treatment (e.g. physio) or on any medication then you do not have to disclose the previous condition.

    (See attached file: WD26 COMPREHENSIVE SOFT COPY BROCHURE 20090511 QM1763.pdf)

    Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact our office by email or call toll free on 1300 555 017.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Simpson
    Customer Service Consultant
    Corporate Partners & Speciality
    QBE Australia

    Phone: 1300 555 017

    Visit us on the web at
    Proudly celebrating a decade as NIBA General Insurer of the year (2002 - 2011)
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    travelislife Dedicated Member

    I would be careful, as soon as you start working it will most likely void your policy.

    A question from me for the masses, I am looking at purchasing an Annual policy from TID for myself and the girlfriend, it is looking at around $370 which seems like good value as we have a few trips planned over the next year (Bali, Japan, Thailand, Europe). It is also good for things like rental car excess in Australia. If I wasn't skiing I would definitely buy it, but my question is the age old on of 'off piste' skiing. I have read the TID policy from front to back and haven't found anything excluding it. I guess the other question, I can't remember are the gates in Niseko still considered within the resort boundary?

    I wish this stuff could be clear and easy. Last time used AAMI but they don't seem to have an annual policy.
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    travelislife Dedicated Member

    Ok answering my own question on the 'off piste' skiing bit. Copied and pasted from the TID website:

    What is covered?

    Our policy covers you if you have an accident while skiing and snowboarding, provided you're not racing anyone down the slopes or competing professionally. This includes on piste only as well as terrain parks for snowboarding. On piste skiing is considered to be on groomed runs within the boundaries of a ski resort.

    Off piste and heli-skiing is not covered as it is considered exposing yourself to a needless risk.

    End quote.

    I can't believe they will cover terrain parks but not off the groomers still within the resort boundary!
    Little Tiger

    Little Tiger Addicted Member

    "Not racing anyone down the slopes"

    [​IMG] then most recreational ski racing is OK because people race the clock not other people except in dual formats or skiercross/boardercross

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    Jamesc Active Member

    terrain parks only for snowboarders though not skiers

    Mizu_Kuma Just Registered

    We are going with Sure Save this coming Japow Trip!!!!!

    Never had to make a claim for OS yet, and hopefully never have to!!!!!

    The deciding factor to use them (Although slightly dearer than other quotes that I got) was that the agent (Deep Powder Tours), will sort out any claims that we need to make, and therefore making our holiday more drama free if/when anything goes wrong!!!!!

    travelislife Dedicated Member

    I have looked at 1Cover as well which seems pretty good value at $500 for annual multi trip for 2 people, the thing is though that on their website they actually have a separate ski package which is referenced through, this ends up being a lot more expensive.

    Argh! Why does this stuff have to be so hard, maybe I should just throw money at the problem and go with QBE which is crazy expensive at $1200 with the ski pack.
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    sastrugi Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    We go with this too, and cos +1 puts all the flights on his Amex, we are both covered for the whole trip. Need to look into the small print for a ski holiday, haven't done this as yet. Thanks for reminding me.
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    gareth_oau Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    be aware that travel insurance on your credit card may not cover car accident excess if you are looking to rent a car.

    As we typically rent a car when travelling from Perth, there is a $2-3k excess, or is covered by most travel insurance, but not the credit card ones

    blutek Dedicated Member

    We use ANZ's companion Amex Platinum CC Travel Insurance.
    It only includes a low $2k, for hire car excess (Westpac CC is $5k+). Sports covered if not professional.

    EquatorBunny Active Member

    My +1 and I are looking into buying travel insurance for our trip to Canada. I have been looking at QBE quote. They included almost everything we can think of but so freekin expensive!!!
    Anything else that has similar cover but of lesser value?
    Yes, we are going heli skiing/off piste and the likes. I think more so for him than for me.
    Trying to look for others like 1Cover and TID but they don't offer the same level of cover. I used 1Cover when I went skiing in NZ and later busted my knee while skiing. Such a hassle to deal with them but in the end got all of my claims back. All the paperwork!!! Grr...

    Stratus Addicted Member

    They delivered the best value quote for me, almost half of what you pay going through QBE directly.

    I enquired about what the Snow Sports cover actually covers...

    They seem to be the only ones so far who cover out of resort boundaries with no restrictions....!
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    Slaine Just Registered

    Doesn't look bad at all

    gareth_oau Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    I just purchased som tix via qantas and they offered a trevel insurance through QBE which will pay out up to $1,000 if you cancel for any reason (seems there are no limits for reasons) or refund up to 100,000 FF points.

    all for $12 per person.

    Seems like a bargain

    blutek Dedicated Member

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    Heinz Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

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    EquatorBunny Active Member

    Mr Google gave me these two cover both Heli Skiing & Off-piste skiing.

    1. - although specifically saying that the off-piste skiing with guides. Covered by Mitsui Sumitomo Sydney. $263.36 for single person with Ski Cover and excess eliminator.

    2. Kango Cover $340.14 for single person with Ski cover - Covered by AGA Assistance Australia.

    I haven't read the PDS word by word but have to do this soon.
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    JoelRin Just Registered

    That Kango Cover looks to good to be true, they even state on their website that they cover you for off piste, heli, cat etc...

    Has anyone had any experience with them?

    I leave for Fernie for the season in a week and I think I might go with them.

    They only offer the basics but I only really want to be covered if someone happens to me and I'm hospitalised and if something is stolen.

    I don't care about plane delays and all the minor things...

    BobGnarly Dedicated Member

    Kango only covers off piste skiing with a professional guide

    smitty484 Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    AAMI do as well. I emailed them last year and was provided confirmation that I would be covered while riding backcountry and that it didn't have to be with a professional guide.
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    roho Active Member

    I usually opt for the travel insurance that's offered with my credit card.
    However for my next trip I did the air travel component with flyer points (piad taxes with c/c) & had to pay the accommodation & ski lift component by bank transfer.
    So for peace of mind I've decided to take out some travel insurance.
    I took an ambient stab at the market & got a quote from QBE for around $1250 for our family for January & a quote from Insure for Less for the same trip & same risks.
    Insure for less quoted approx $350.
    The conservative in me begs the question as to what grief the $900 odd difference will bring if I opt for the cheaper option.

    skiflat Just Registered

    You really need to read the PDS


    List out the benefits of each policy and weigh up the pros/cons of each

    Luggage delay - How much $$ and when does it kick in 4/6/24 hours ?

    Lost luggage - How much and when does it kick in 1/2/3/4 days ?

    Cancellation - If something happens to you or your family is can you get all pre-paid $$ back

    Medical - Most policies are unlimited, but not all

    Accidents while sking - Could be some restrictions on this

    Then you have legal/emergency cash etc which are the bottom of my list

    Would the main areas I would be looking at

    Born2ski Part of the Furniture

    I would add one more area to check, pre existing medical.

    Unless you're a spring chicken in perfect health you'd be amazed at some of the things they exclude. A lot of the credit card travel insurance policies have NO cover for pre-existing medical.

    roho Active Member

    Sure. Good advice Skidown. Thanks.
    I'm a most prudent & cautious consumer. So it's QBE for me.
    PDS notwithstanding.
    Pity the poor bastard who falls for the cheap cover.
    What amazed me was the difference in premium.
    Caveat emptor!

    skiflat Just Registered


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    skiflat Just Registered


    I have used QBE for a family member a few times as it seemed the best option for them at the time!


    IF you care, you can earn Qantas FF points with QBE

    I think they charge you a small commission for this VS booking without the Qantas FF points
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    Born2ski Part of the Furniture

    Some of the more expensive policies will cover you if an airline or travel company collapse(go bankrupt) but the cheaper policies won't cover this situation. That's the main difference I've noticed after reading through 14 travel insurance PDS last year - now that was fun reading. [​IMG]
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    roho Active Member

    Ah yes. Pre existing meds.
    What a mine field!
    Insurance risk vis a vis cover is literally an exercise in statistics.
    No wonder actuaries are the smartest people of all.
    The last sentence is to be taken lightly as I have to attend a function at an actuary's office this evening.

    Snorkler Part of the Furniture

    My pre-existing medical condition isn't covered by anyone.... but then I'm sure getting some Valium in Cali won't be much of a problem [​IMG]
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    scottharris14 Just Registered

    Ok I checked out QBE and they came in at just under $3800, does that sound right?

    simo66 Just Registered

    I have used 1 cover for a few years now. Ive tested them with a broken collar bone and torn ACL and both times they have handled things pretty well

    I have also read the 1cover PDS cover to cover, and it will cover off piste skiing. There are no specific exclusions in the policy relating to snow. So other than the general duty of good faith (ie dont do something ridiculous) you should be all good

    smackies Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Here's another response from Ouch.

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    smackies Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Probably helps to include the relevant email extract:

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    Snorkler Part of the Furniture

    That sounds like a lot, but then you're no average person.
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    Slaine Just Registered

    Research I did earlier in the year which may or may not be completely wrong now, but presented just as a FYI. These were all online quotes for about 20 days for a 38 year old bloke in Japan. Ski cover of one variety or another included for each.

    AAMI $105 $200 excess
    Defence Health $167 No excess
    AHM $220 No excess
    RAA $221 No excess
    1 Cover $231 No excess
    HBF $233 $100 excess
    STA $342 No excess
    QBE $345 $100 excess

    gareth_oau Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

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