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    It's already an extra box to tick for snow sport cover, so an extra charge. My quote includes the extra cost.

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    Na as in they are taking back country cover out soon I think

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    this was from Ouch before we booked our insurance

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    That'd be a shame.

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    Just looking at my insurance now. The one thing that seems a bit light on in the AAMI cover is rental car excess, at $2000. I don't have definite plans to hire a car in Canada. I don't expect to need one at Sun Peaks but it is possible that I might get one for up to a week to visit a couple of other resorts.

    Some other policies cover up to $4000.

    Has anyone used InsureandGo?

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    Insure and go = no cover in Snow fun parks
    I rang them "So if I am snowboarding down the run with jumps on the side of it and crash or get crashed into am I covered?'
    "No - if the run contains a snow fun park or terrain park of any kind you are not covered to ride that run"

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    Does that apply to any runs in SP, SS or BW?

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    did you buy any insurance?

    we use

    covers you for $5k rental excess

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    the excess on our car rental damage is only $500:woohoo:

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    I checked out Choice Magazine's top insurance recommendation for travel insurance with a score of 83/100, Good 2 Go. Here is there response when asked about skiing and off piste cover.

    Although there’s no specific benefit on this policy on what type of skiing is covered:
    1. The policy will respond to cover skiing within marked and patrolled areas at a ski resort area (on-piste skiing)
    2. The policy will not respond to cover off piste and back country skiing because this can be hazardous due to avalanche, exhaustion, weather, cliffs, rock fall, and tree wells, unless accompanied by a professional guide at all times whilst engaging in this activity.

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    I to am searching for travel insurance and found the following interesting points:

    - as many above have noted the grey area on snow ski polices appears to be on "on piste" only, I checked icover and they said the run had to be groomed to be covered on the basic policy.

    - Equipment was also a bug bear as AAMI for instance only cover $1000 of sports equipment on a single policy, this doesn't even cover my boots let alone skis, binds and specific ski clothes that will all travel in one bag.

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    Have a look at your hiuse insurance contents cover

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    Just had a friend look at ouch insurance.

    Noticed they have changed now and as per ( document on their website

    Now , what worries me is that @LMB and others who have emailed and received replies to say that they are still covered, even in august this year.
    If you look at the above tho the date they have on their site is the 15th of april.

    i received this from them on the 22/06/2016
    I've just emailed them to get back to me in writing that i am still covered for all off piste / back country in the event something happens. Will respond with the follow up
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    Since ouch is now out of the question regarding off piste / back country.
    Who seems best to cover these ? Noworries / AAMI ? I'm waiting on emails back from these to see if they cover unguided off piste / back country ? Is anyone else aware at all ?

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    I rang them to day and was informed that they did not exclude off-piste skiing. However, it is probably a very grey area as the AAMI policy specifically excludes injury if you fail to take reasonable care and precautions. There was a British case a couple of years ago involving two boarders, that tragically died in an avalanche on an off-piste area within a resort, where a claim was refused as the resort had an avalanche risk of 3 that day ( on a scale of 1 to 5)
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    Follow up on ouch RE:- no only covering groomed piste runs now.

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    There is a similar thread that is stickied in Passport. This one is in Snow Talk and is not stickied.

    Is there any reason we should not ask a mod to move this to Passport and sticky it? Since this has more up to date info, to me it makes sense that it should be just as easy to find. (I directed someone to the old thread to help them plan a trip, not knowing that this thread existed)

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    I feel like I should have organised this sooner (say, before 19/9...) and am now faced with looking for insurance that covers unguided BC, and possibly mechanised guiding in Japan. Any suggestions ?

    Ouch obviously are out
    Last year I emailed AAMI they specifically didn't cover it (anyone had any success this year?)
    Insure4less will cover but comes out at just under a grand! (Ironic name eh)
    TID, World Nomads require you to be guided outside of the resort
    IHI Bupa don't make any specific mention of Snow cover, will email and request more information as I want it in writing

    Perhaps at this point the smartest move (need to re-read some PDS's) is both a cheap plan through TID for the day to day stuff (~$160), and a membership to the AAC at $90

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    I had no problem with AAMI covering out of bounds guided or unguided, cat ski included. Leaving end of January.
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    Yeah ouch is no longer a go.

    I went with ihi bupa and aak(uk) this year

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    Sorry what don't aami cover??

    They seem to cover most thing.

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    I send a generic email to the providers that asks if they cover:
    This is from last season so YMMV but the reply I from AAMI was:
    I quite liked the typo myself.

    I emailed the Qantas insurance (QBE) with the above conditions
    QF came out to ~$400 for 26 days once you added the $150 premium.

    NoWorries don't specifically say "No BC" in their PDS but I haven't emailed them. It looks like our credit card insurance will be sufficient for "day to day" holiday stuff ($49 to option snow cover on top of the standard free insurance) and I will sign up to the AAC for the few days we are on the other side of the ropes.

    I'd recommend fully reading the PDS to what you are purchasing, I found some that defined a piste as "a groomed, marked run", which would preclude coverage for injuries on black runs / moguls / in the gladed areas etc.

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    AAMI replied to me saying that cover applied regardless of resort boundaries gor the entire trip.
    Exclusions were if you were skiing professionally competitively or to earn an income
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    Yep, this

    I have read aami 's pds and it doesn't exclude backcountry
    Legs Akimbo

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    If you are in Europe (maybe just France?) have a look at Carre Neige. It covers off piste accessed by a lift.

    Or join the Ski Club of Great Britain (I think non-Poms can - I know that at least one of their guides is Australian).

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    Thanks for new thread LMB as this stuff is constantly changing and thanks for Ouch info Chondro.
    I've been using Ouch for last couple years and was spewing when you passed on the info as my daughter is a late comer to our next trip and I realised that she wasn't insured/on the policy. This had me scrambling for my policy, found it and remembered that I had gone with AAMI for some reason.
    All sorted.
    You still up for a Kiroro catch-up and slide out the gates?

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    Just spoke to AAMI on the phone to amend travel details. "Sandra" confirmed that they cover BC as long as we arn't professional and getting payed for it. I said I wish but no, just punters.

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    With some of the unplanned adventures I've had in side and back country, the insurers should pay me not to go there at all ;)

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    Sure am mate. Hit me up with your details. Kiroro seems to be fairing better than Niseko atm
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    ...even better, this was in writing from AAMI (email) just last week:
    ME: "I hope to spend quite a bit of time skiing out of resort/ski area boundaries - commonly called 'back country' and 'side country' skiing. This will involve skiing with a professional guide at times, and skiing without a guide at other times. Can you please confirm that as long as I am skiing for non-competitive recreation only AND will not be either heli-skiing or cat-skiing AND am obeying all signage, instructions, rules, regulations & laws related to area closures and designated 'no-go' zones, I will be fully covered when skiing off-piste in areas that are outside ski resort/ski area boundaries?

    This is a notoriously tricky part of other insurers' travel policy products, and I get (understandably) nervous with PDS documents which don't address 'out of resort' skiing."

    REPLY: "You are covered off-piste in areas outside the resort/ski area boundaries as long as you are allowed to be there and not trespassing on property that you do not have permission to be on. You will still need to abide by all rules, regulations, signage and restrictions and not heli-skiing or cat-skiing. This applies to both natural snow and man made snow.
    Any of your snow equipment is also covered for up to $1000 for a single person or up to $2000 for a multi person policy.
    All snow sport is covered as part of your travel policy and you do not have to add anything additional. Just keep it to recreational skiing only (no competition) and you will be fine."
    All that for $203 for 2 skiers for 3 weeks. I think I should have taken a 20-year policy with AAMI, because at some time they're bound to start throttling this cover back a few notches. Another Schumacher, or a few high-profile avy incidents will bring out the red ink.

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    I got all that from AAMI but included cat skiing and they said yes.

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    Just took out cover with Insure4less.
    This years premium was $459 for 13 day trip with 11 days off piste snow snowsports cover.
    2016 trip was $299 for 16 day overall trip with 10 days off piste snowsports cover.

    That's pretty much a 50% cost increase since last year.

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    I am again booking AAMI trav insurance for out trip to France. $220 for 5 weeks, ski cover included and this covers off piste/backcountry/touring/guided or unguided... attached email clarification below.


    I am looking at purchasing a policy (the attached quote) for a ski trip to France where will be skiing off-piste (backcountry) and ski touring in alpine, glaciated terrain, mostly with a guide but maybe without depending on conditions. Can you confirm your policy doesn't have limitations on these activities?
    Also please confirm helicopter rescue coverage should one be called.

    Kind Regards,




    Thank you for your enquiry.

    The policy does cover for snow sports, as long as you are not doing them professionally, competitively, or to earn an income. The equipment is also covered if it is lost, stolen or damaged. For a single person policy, sporting equipment is covered up to $1,000. For a multi-person policy, the cover is up to $2,000.

    Coverage is provided for Off-Piste/Backcountry skiing provided you're legally allowed to be there and you abide by all laws, signs, restrictions and it is for recreational purposes only.

    If you find yourself stuck in a sticky situation we do provide cover for evacuation and also search and rescue costs.

    If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have a great day, hope you have a lovely time in France!

    Kind Regards,

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