Ski/Snowboard Shops in Osaka/Kansai

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    Does anyone know any good shops in the Osaka/Kansai region?
    I am thinking of purchasing a new board & bindings when I am over there in February, and keeping the same at the in-laws place, so every year I travel to Japan, I already have my board there. (Thanks to my wife for the idea)
    I have been to one shop in Shinsaibashi that is one of a chain store, but does anyone know if there is a place like Kanda in Tokyo where there is a cluster of stores?

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    not found any. I think it is pretty crap in Osaka afaik for ski gear. [​IMG]
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    I only know a handful, and nothing really that good.

    Murasaki sports in the Namba underground shopping centre has a few boards and hard goods.
    There might be one or two in DenDen Town as well, but it's been so long since I've visited that part of Osaka I'm really not sure.
    There are plenty of good clothing outlet stores in Rinku Town near the airport - Mammut, Columbia, Phenix, North Face etc.

    If you know what you're looking for and can understand some Japanese, Yahoo Auctions are your best bet.

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    Cheers QB [​IMG] ... that murasaki sports is the one I have been to before.
    Its got a good range of gear & clothes.
    I will get my missus to do a google search on yahoo Japan to see what is out there.
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    Found this one on the web recently. I've never been there in person but will check it out next time I'm in town (March).

    At least it looks like they know what they're doing. 4 floors of hard/soft goods, staff that walk the walk etc.

    Scroll down on the home page for an access map.
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    Went to Morispo & grabbed a K2 turbo dream/K2 bindings & boots for 75k yen.
    Highly recommended.
    Located south of Osaka just near the domestic airport.
    Excellent range & prices.