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    Considering doing a snow trip this year with Ski Kaos and staying in Thredbo. Has anyone had any experience with them, or heard anything about them?
    Piste Again

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    From what I've heard I wouldn't expect to get any sleep on the bus. If that's a consideration then you might be better to get the Greyhound out of Sydney (Central Station, also picks up at parramatta and liverpool) around 11pm (arrives in Thredbo about 6.30 or 7am, costs just over $200) and stay in a cheap club lodge (eg ).
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    Rhys121 New Member

    I'm not to concerned about the bus trip, more about the accommodation. do you have any idea what thats like?

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    I booked through them last year. I didn't do the bus trip though. I booked a riverside apartment, ski hire for 2 kids a lift ticket for 1 adult and 2 thredboland passes. I would use them again, their prices were very competitive and the communication between us was really good.
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    I did the Ski Kaos bus a few years ago.
    The trip down was ok, though I didn't sleep much.
    About 2 hours' stopover at Cooma at 6 am for everyone else on the bus to get their hire gear.
    I stayed in a Sport and Rec apartment with about 10 other people, all strangers.
    On the trip back, a very annoying person and his very annoying girlfriend talked loudly non-stop for a few hours until I told them to shut up.

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    I was also checking out skikaos as there are posters about trips at my uni. I'm not sure about accom in Thredbo but I assume i would be a club style lounge, if you know what that means?

    With this kind of thing it seems like they're kinda contiki style, but with skiiers/snowboarders-which would be pretty sweet I would think. Honestly, when you ask for what accom will be like, what are you after? It will be a big group of people going together (I assume most wouldn't know each other) and just partying for the time up there.

    Ski kaos if you are reading this care to share any info?

    Kuragari Active Member

    Went on a ski kaos trip by myself once. It was pretty good price if you're travelling alone.

    As far as accommodation goes (I stayed in Jindy, so dunno if any of this is relevant to Thredbo), the place I stayed was some kind of self contained apartment. It had a bathroom and kitchen, dining and lounge room etc., then three rooms filled with bunk beds to accommodation 4 or 5 each.

    Also, when you fill out the preferences on the excel sheet booking form they give you the following options:

    Noise level:
    0- very very quiet
    1- pretty quiet
    2- a little quiet
    3- some noise but it won't go through walls
    4- the next unit will hear us
    5- the next building will hear us

    Party level:
    0- no partying at all
    1- a little partying
    2- some partying
    3- average party level
    4- heavy party people
    5- extreme partying

    From what I could see the demographics was made up of young and old, couples and groups. So basically couples and older people group in apartments together and young groups/singles were grouped together.

    I think I selected 3 for noise level and 1 for party level, but still ended up listening to loud talking and laughing half way through the night. I guess depending on people that end up going, it could have been much worse, but my point is to look at it as a 2 group choice and after you decide on what you want, you're better off just voting 0 or 5 and forget the levels in between.

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    Ah sweet Kuragari, thanks for that. Definitely seems like what I was thinking.

    Re the price: the price looks utterly awesome. I may be taking a trip with them to Falls Creek this year.