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    LAN has $1100 rt flights on now,
    when is the sweet spot for Santiago skiing ; the period of : modest crowds + decent base cover + best chance of fresh ?!
    cheers SjY

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    Only crowded on weekends (my experience Valle Nevado area) ski straight onto lifts no lines, weekends can be busy but i don't think ever as bad as i've seen in australia or north america, season is similar to Australia just generally a lot more snow, kicks off late June July but you wouldn't want to expect snow in June (just like here) August the best quality snow, September can have very good snow falls but it can also very much become spring skiing (which was my experience, also a lot of accomodation and shops start closing, more in the village than the resort), some seasons there's still very good skiing in October

    @markopolo was there more recently than me
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    August. :thumbs:

    And if you're keen check out Andes Heliski/heliboarding. Great operation, exxy but worth every cent.
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    Schoolies for Chile seems to be the last 2 weeks in July,
    then the main American tourist season in Aug ... ??
    lAug/ eSept might be the best ?

    only 1 flight is a real bonus,
    but its 10 time zones sideways that is the brain killer,
    [Japan - fly due north , only a few time zones back]


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    We went in August.
    It wasn't over run with American holiday makers, I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    The Sydney - Santiago direct flight is only 3 times a week from memory, the other days are via Auckland. We had to fly Perth-Sydney first, which certainly made the long haul to Santiago feel looooooonnnnnngggg. And yes, the time difference is tough. We were up in the wee hours of the morning and missed dinner a few nights, but according to that old rhyme it should've made us healthy, wealthy and wise LOL

    Japan is definitely easier for travel.
    1hr variation in time zone for us, shorter flights. But the experience is totally different.

    I love Japan, but I'd also go back to Chile in a heartbeat!!
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    anyone else keen , pm. about an August ski Santiago fortnight there ?