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    SnoKitten Just Registered

    Does anyone know of any kind of 'Contiki' style tour that caters for solo travellers specifically for snowboarding/ski trips? Have looked around a bit on the web but haven't come up with anything yet. Contiki do tours to Canada/USA, but they are more about travelling around different areas, not staying in one place just to board/ski for 3-4 days then moving onto the next resort to do the same again.

    I know I could organise to do it all on my own, but I probably wouldn't. Would like to meet group at airport and go from there.

    Just something I thought I would look into before making the decision to go alone or not.
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    John Deere

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    +1 and I went on a Summit tour to Canada http://www.summitski.com.au Run by a couple of ski patrollers from Hotham....awesome tours....a bit exxy, but you get full guiding and instruction and a group of your ability to ski with, and luxury accommodation with private hot tubs [​IMG]

    PM me if you have any questions [​IMG]
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    kidporsche Just Registered

    I think Contiki do a ski tour of Austria. There are many such tours throughout the Alps, try searching on UK sights.
    IMVHO, travelling alone is much more rewarding than a tour group thing. Sure you may have to step outside your comfort zone a little more, but it is fantastic when you get some real local knowledge. It is all too easy when in a foreign tour group to stay aloof and not mix in.
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    Cloggie Just Registered

    I found that Neilson (a big tour mob) out of the UK has a 'singles' spot on its website including a chat room (www.neilson.co.uk) and also a window that shows you where single accommodation is in its hotels (that it has arrangements with) that have little or no single loading on the price. Unfortunately this does not help you coming from Oz but it does show that single skiers are becoming a bigger part of the industry. Also, I did find a mob called 'Singles weekends' that organise ski trips for sole skiers but it was tailormade and clearly very expensive.
    Personally, I just organise it all myself and have joined the 'Ski Club of Great Britain' that has reps everywhere and I go for a ski with them as they show groups around the mountain then ski off with some others I catch up with.

    sperks Active Member

    Club Med is a great way to go as a single you can share with some one else and lift tickets lessons are all included in the price so you can ski/ snowboard with a group of the same ability every thing is paid for before you leave home.I have been to several of the european resorts and enjoyed it. Can also reccomend Summit for Canada went on 2 tours with them to Canada

    SnoKitten Just Registered

    Thanks for the replies. Summit looks really good but too pricey. Not interested in Europe at this stage, would be Canada only.

    Anyone else that can assist??

    victor Just Registered

    What about the old farts. A singles ski tour for say the 35's to 55's at some hip ski resorts would be great, i.e. Chamonix , telluride, snowbird, lake louise , silver star , kicking horse , etc,etc,etc :thumbs:

    Cloggie Just Registered

    and we (yes I fall in this group) could take our own doctor/nurse, osteoporosis tablets, wheelchairs, entertainment (videos of MASH, etc), music (8-track of course) milk or a nice cup of tea before bed....
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    Raury Just Registered Endless Winter

    Kumuka do some winter tours of Europe, but they have only 2 or 3 days of ski fields out of a 14 odd day tour.

    Contiki sucks coz it wont take you if you are over 35 :rolleyes:

    I've been thinking about approaching a compnay like Kumuka and suggesting a ski-tour in Europe, and that I should lead it [​IMG]
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    John Deere

    John Deere Just Registered

    Summit is probably better for this age group!!
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    Lozz Just Registered

    moose run tours through western canada and eastern canada, staying in hostels. pretty good price wise and generally plenty of skiing. try http://www.moosenetwork.com/

    Cheers [​IMG]
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    Gutter Just Registered

    Yeah, I did a Moose tour in March through the Okanagan Valley. Awesome tour. Can thoroughly recommend it if you're happy with general Hostel type accomodation and conidtions ...

    Raury Just Registered Endless Winter

    Got a URL for all us old farts [​IMG]
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    John Deere

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    trent78 Just Registered

    Check with your local snowboard stores, sometimes they organise tours overseas.

    Let me know if you find something, I am getting worried about friends of mine who say they are keen to head overseas but pull out at the last minute, so I might be looking for the same sort of thing.

    plankus Active Member

    Giddy Goat also have a number of tours that visit various resorts in western Canada. It looks like they only spend a day or so at each resort, but it might be worth a look anyway [​IMG]
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    John Deere

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    SnoKitten Just Registered

    JD - Already did Japan in February.

    Giddy Goat looks like exactly what I'm after. Shall look into it further. Thanks [​IMG]
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    Raury Just Registered Endless Winter

    Pfft, scrolling is for the soft.
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    junior pumps

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    If you are interested in lessons you could always do a Yes Improvement course. They put you in a room with other people if you are by yourself and they do a few apres social activities. It's all ages but a lot of young people do those courses.
    John Deere

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    Agreed!!!! I hate those soft scrolling types!!
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    adminvb Just Registered

    SnoKitten, I was in the same position as you this time last year. I had friends in Whistler that I was going to see, but I wanted to spend 3 weeks checking out some of the other resorts. I looked into Giddy goat and the moose packages, but in the end decided to do it myself. I am glad I did as that gave me the flexibility to spend more time at particular resorts whereas the organised tours are fairly rigid.

    I really enjoyed travelling by myself as I met so many more people than I would have if I was travelling with friends or on one of the packages. Everyone that stays in the hostels are really friendly and you wont have any trouble finding people to ski/ride with.

    I got around on the Greyhound bus system, which was fairly cheap, but it did run at funny times though. I would definitely recommend going solo, but I am sure the tours would be great too. Whatever you decide it will be all good because you will be in the snow in Canada regardless!!

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    Maybe we could get enough over 35 singles here to form a tour.....

    skichic Addicted Member

    Yeah I'd be in that, an old farts overseas SIC [​IMG]
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    James B

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    .... visions of "Survivor Fernie" .....

    "You are the weakest skier. You are off the mountain. The tribe has spoken!"

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    Cloggie Just Registered

    I'd be interested. Could be great. I'll bring my walking frame (its got skis attached).
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    Schmenz Just Registered

    SK... ill be in canada in jan/feb and by myself... im doin yes for 2 weeks but then want someone to ski with after if ur there then send me a pm... (or anyone else too)

    patrikios Just Registered

    Try this website...

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    wow what a grave dig

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    Holy thread resurrection batman!


    Easter was last weekend though.
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    I thought threads disappeared after a certain time.

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    Like senses of humour??

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    Patrikios is just a bit slow on the uptake...a bit like the AFL in getting rid of the Melbourne Football Club !

    D_Dog Active Member

    Now that it's 2017, are there better websites/companies that cater for solo travellers looking for tours or the like?

    I'm looking at a big Canada/US trip in Feb 2018.

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    John Deere !
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    Ajmit321 Active Member

    Chuck the ski gloves in a bowl eh ?

    Jacko4650 Active Member

    Perhaps an indication of the commercial viability of Singles Ski Tours - none of the above links work any more. The SkiHeads birthday bashes seem to fit the bill, but only on a small number of trips to mainstream Europe.
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    skinavy Dedicated Member

    I used Cold Fusion Chalets for a trip to Cham when I was in the UK back in 2010. They are still around, do trips to Chamonix, Morzine and Les Houches. Can highly recommend them. The small chalet style trips the brits seem to specialise in are really good.


    Incider Dedicated Member

    Try UCPA in France
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    Legs Akimbo

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    Or The Ski Club of Great Britain. They have leaders that organise skiing in various resorts. Mainly Europe, but Whistler and Jackson North America. This year's Jackson leader is an Aussie.

    craighelo Active Member

    Not specifically for solo travelers, but I found the nonstop course in Fernie great for skiing and socialising.

    skidiva Well-Known Member

    Look at skiaspen.com.au - great for single skiers - guiding plus instruction - plenty of apr├Ęs events - flexible dates. I have been doing their tours for eight years - love them. Great range of ages. Lots of fun on and off the slopes.
    Nonstop in fernie is also great for singles. They do ski instructor courses as well as ski improvement courses. Have done the ski improvement courses 3 times. Sisyphus at red tree lodge and then you can enjoy lots of the social activities. Loved them. They also do snow safaris through Canada which take you to various resorts and the majority of the people on these are single. I have done two of them and they were great.
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    D_Dog Active Member

    Thanks all. Some good options there.

    Has anyone here just bought flights to say Denver or Vancouver and just winged it for a month? Considering just doing that if I can't find what I'm looking for with a tour or two.

    gidyup Active Member

    There is a company I came across Sheskis.com.au they do ladies only trips that look cool

    gidyup Active Member

    I have done that in Italy, got to Milano and went north. Was great.

    dr80 Well-Known Member Season Pass Gold

    Best way to travel imo, especially if solo.