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    Crispy013 Dedicated Member

    Received an email from Singapore Airlines recently about a New Years Sale (2017-18), with fares available over next Christmas / New Years period on sale until the 6th Feb.

    Managed to lock in return flight in early Jan 2018 from Syd - Tokyo return for circa $1k pp. After flying with them this year, the service, 30kg baggage allowance and easy transit through Singapore made it a no brainer. Other comparable full service airlines servicing between Australia and Japan (i.e Qantas) wanting $2500+ at this peak period. No thanks!

    Still able to get cheap fares right now - not sure how long the sale will run through too.

    Get on it.

    ponyrider Active Member

    Great deal. Plus, if they are still running their 'Changi dollars' promo you can pick up a SGD$20 voucher to spend at the airport while passing through.

    piolet Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    Great wifi there too, I hear
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    Willy Active Member

    Booked getting out of BNE Xmas night after 11pm. Never been to Singapore so getting off for a few days before Tokyo for NYE and then Myoko. Anything under $1100 was going to see me push the button early. $1084 rt happy with that. You do need to muck around with the different flight times to get the cheaper price.
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    piolet Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    You'll enjoy it, singapore is a lovely stop over!

    Apresski Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    Good food in Singapore
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    Crispy013 Dedicated Member

    Yeah any flights over the New Years period to Japan for under 1100 are serious wins. The added bonus of being Singapore airlines is just icing on the cake. Couldn't not book them.

    Beerman Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    This year i have done BNE - SIN - HND return with Singapore Airlines and
    QF BNE - NRT return. If pricing is relatively close i'll take the Flying Kangaroo everytime. Two things are better on SQ, hot towels and amount of entertainment to watch. QF beat them in most other areas, except maybe flight attendant looks;)
    Singapore is way too hot, food is no better than other Asian cities and more expensive. Security does my head in at Changi, 4 check points between boarding gate and plane door. Ahhhhhhhhh.:mad:

    Crispy013 Dedicated Member

    Yeah as good as an airline is, direct is always going to win over a stop over. I agree, I would do QF in a heartbeat if prices were similar. Unfortunately, when booking for next year only Singapore was on sale....then QF about 1 week after :mad:.

    Changi is interesting....everyone raves about how good it is, but to me its no better than most major hubs. I agree with the security checks - so frustrating!