Shipping skis to Whistler??

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    Evening all

    jnr LTB is heading to Whistler on Tuesday for a month of Spring mogul training. He's really wanting to get some new skis from a US website and get them shipped to Whistler. They won't be at their house much so I thought it might be better to get them shipped C/- the Whistler Post Office.

    Anybody had any experience with this or have any other suggestions?

    We tried to buy them here but the shipment hasn't arrived yet so he can just pick up left over stock from the US stores of 11/12 models ( pretty good price too )

    TIA for any advice / suggestions

    Crystal Sand skier extraordinaire Moderator

    I have never done it before but have spoken to many that have sent to a post office before and where happy, not sure what is involved though. Can you email the post office there, or even central Res at Whistler may be able to help.