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    Hi all

    I'm new to the forum - we are getting on the skiing bandwagon again, and of course everything is expensive!

    I want to go to Whistler in January alone with hubby but the snow is too much fun for the kids to miss out, hence I am interested in Selwyn. We have 3 kids - 9, 5 and nearly 4 - is this ok for 5 days? I have only been to Perisher and Thredbo but it is just too expensive to do 2 trips this year.

    We only want to do morning lesson sessions for the kids - I think a full day is too much (so does DS9). It is the second time the kids have been to the snow (only my 9 year old has had lessons).

    I would love to hear your thoughts/input on this resort for a young family.



    Majikthise Sage Moderator Season Pass Gold

    Selwyn is a great first time kids hill. They get to familiarise themselves with a range of lifts. After 5 days they will feel like they own it.
    You can always break it up with other activities like a little xc tour or snowshoe.
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    Kelpieboy Dedicated Member

    Selwyn is a great place for learning and getting confidence on skis and lifts. Confidence is key with newish skiers/boarders and there arent any nasty runs so they are quickly mastered which just brings the confidence levels up. Staff are friendly and very helpfull with young ones , in fact the whole place is friendly. They usually have a decent ski school at a decent price that is really geared towards novice skiers.
    When my kids were learning it was the first place I took them , they gained valuable experience and confidence and had no difficulty transitioning to the harder terrain offered elsewhere.
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    When are you going? Selwyn is a great resort for kids but the snow isn't as reliable as some of the other resorts

    nfip Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    Think my kids where 9, 7 & 3.
    Started them at Selwyn , by deliberate choice for same reasons above.
    Next step after they get sliding confidence I would recommend Charlotte Pass for a really good family week.
    My youngest , now 15, is a seasoned 12 years at the biz now all over Perisher with out me , has been for a couple of years.
    Perfect first steps in the progression.
    Remember they do get more cold , and tired much faster than we do .
    Patience in the early years is good investment.
    Go. Season is looking good. Enjoy the early years , they'll be gone before you know it.
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    Kelpieboy Dedicated Member

    Very true

    Kelpieboy Dedicated Member

    72 hour lift ticket sale , up to 20% off tickets for july/august ends tuesday 28/62016. This might be a further help for you.
    20% discount available on adult/childrens 5 day passes. :)

    tele-whippet beard stroker Season Pass Gold

    Selwyn is great for introducing kids to snow sports and is way less expensive,
    As others have said the reliability of snow ( or lack there of ) is an issue to be considered.
    When it's good it's great as a learning, first timer resort, when it's bad it's green ( like grass ) and very ordinary.

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    A number of years ago we too enjoyed selwyn when the kids were starting out. Its also where I spent many a fun day as a kid/teenager.

    Selwyn used to have two days for the price of one vouchers for family of four in the entertainment book.

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    I think you're better off going to one of the bigger resorts. The facilities are better, snow is better, the instructors are better...there is nothing at Selwyn that is better than PB or Thredbo (or Charlotte Pass).

    You do pay less at Selwyn but you get a markedly lesser experience on every level.

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    nfip - Thanks for the advice, I love that you have made it part of his blood to go over the years :)

    Kelpieboy - yes, planning to take up that 20% off deal :)

    We are going in the first week of August - I think my bets are safe at that time - I am willing to sacrifice quality of snow for a few bucks - they are still young and don't need alot of terrain to learn, we were at Smiggins last year around 20th June for the first time in 9 years for me - and there was barely anything - it really cant be any worse!

    Thanks for the advice everyone, will check it out for a year, better than not going at all :)

    Tina x
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    Lord Back Country

    Lord Back Country Active Member

    Another vote #1 for Selwyn for those with kids.

    Best value for money around for those with a family.

    We took our 5, 6 and 8 yo last year and we are booked again this year.

    Good luck. Early August is be great timing.

    cheers LotBC
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    Kelpieboy Dedicated Member

    Not going to start an argument here but......
    Yes the facilities are better at the majors
    Yes the snow is better at the majors
    Yes the terrain is more challenging at the majors
    On these I agree 100%
    However........... given that the op says the kids are young inexperienced and at entry level.....then......
    I would contend that at the beginners entry level the instructors at Selwyn are at least on par with instructors at the majors and in some cases better. This is where Selwyns ski school is at its best and really its where they try to get market share. Add to this the lack of crowds at the lifts and on snow more can be achieved in a 2 hour lesson. I have factored in the ski school gates at all resorts into the equation. If you want more advanced education then no doubt its better at the majors than at Selwyn.

    Egbert Dedicated Member

    If it was even money wise, I would head to Smiggins. Similar type of contained area as Selwyn, with options if you wanted to venture further, or if snow is limited. Timewise from Sydney/Canberra there is probably not much difference.

    I have not checked out the prices, but if you are happy with the savings at Selwyn, I am sure you (the kids) will be happy with Selwyn.

    Annabuzzy Addicted Member Season Pass Gold

    I also think the beginner facilities such as lifts are materially better at the bigger resorts. And because they are better it makes the experience better.

    73RNR Active Member 30 Day Pass

    Stay at a nice farm stay somewhere near Eucumbene. Expect a min 30-40 min drive to and from Selwyn each day and take that drive easy, that road can be very icy without looking it.

    To answer your opening question, yes, it's OK to do a five day at Selwyn with 3 children under 10. First snow holiday is all about the adventure and new experience. It does not matter to kids one iota which resort and you may as well save the dollars.

    Your scenario is *exactly* what Selwyn perfectly caters to.
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    OlinMarkIV1977 Active Member

    Selwyn is the way to go when they are little and you want them to develop a love and passion for the sport.
    Ours were 3 , 5 and 7 and after a few afternoons at Smiggins really took to Selwyn.As Majikthise said above they soon all felt like kings and queens as they skied allover the resort!
    We set up a van at Rainbow Pines - Old Adaminaby and enjoyed probably four/five seasons up and down the road to Selwyn...............then the fateful day we returned to Perisher saw the end of the family skiing at Selwyn.The kids couldn't believe it even the youngest at the time!
    Funny though mother and I returned two years ago to Selwyn for a day and wow the memories came flooding back. The snow was great and had a good day.
    Now we all eagerly await our granddaughter to turn 3 and for sure we will get her started at Selwyn!!!
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