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Discussion in 'Selwyn' started by Peter Hosking, Sep 15, 2016.

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    I've seen how you operate on fbook.

    You have creeped half the town with stalker admin behaviour.

    The local community have repeatedly replaced your pages with alternatives specifically to avoid you and your b'shit.

    Why do you continue to operate pages that you have zero connection to?

    sixty_eight Dedicated Member

    And is anyone actually riding at Selwyn now?
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    He is just trying to socialise with the Australian Snow Community. Just a deed to the snow community.

    Though IMO people should come here, rather than Facebook (that platform is just messed up). And also to the OP, I think you should join our community if you want to socialise with the snow community, rather than just using the forum to advertise
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    Me for next year, with family. Never really knew much about Selwyn till I had kids, but it is great for young families.
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    internet in fighting...:p

    Team Bears say any publicity is beneficial ...Selwyn boasts no bullshit like its southern trendy neighbours...its close to Cabramurra so it must be less likely to see yuppies...:rolleyes:

    and the quarry is a great place to park vehicles too when doing those extended summer trips out past
    Happy Jacks...but keep this quiet as everybody will park in there..:thumbs: