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    I have been mulling over getting back into the snow for a while now, and as I now have a 13 month old, it seems like a great time to consider it again.

    In terms of accommodation for a week or two each year, what's the best option? We live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, so I figure one of the Vic mountains is preferable. I have seen talk on here that Buller is best kept as a reserve option if the weather looks good - but not as somewhere to go every year?

    As near as I can tell, the options are:
    Apartment, managed. Limited access, but booking and such are handled by (hopefully) professionals.
    Apartment, unmanaged. Organise holiday rentals and cleaning on my own?
    Lodge membership - not sure what this entails.

    What I am wanting is good accommodation for a family of (eventually) 4, with the option of the kids bringing friends/others joining us - so maybe a lodge? Falls Creek for the on-snow/village experience?

    I'm happy to do the sums and figure out what's best on a dollar basis myself, but for that I need to know what outgoings I would be up for?

    Am I better off just winging it and going with separate accommodation each year?

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    Me personally I would not invest in alpine property in Aus, be it a lodge membership or buying an apartment. I would wing it each year and move around try different places and enjoy so you are never locked in. You never know you might start skiing OS when you start to feel the hills are a little small for you and then you won't be locked in with your accom here.

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    Ha! I think lodge membership is worth it. For a moderate initial investment, you pay a smallish annual fee and get very affordable accommodation. Some clubs have lodges on multiple mountains (including in Japan). And when you no longer want the membership, you can sell it. You'll make new friends amongst the skiing fraternity and hence find skiing buddies.
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    Such a personal thing!

    We've so far decided against investing in Aus, but are still looking. The sums just haven't added up for us YET.

    But it was a no brainer investing in a managed apartment in Japan. For the reason of family, guarenteeing accomodation and leaving gear there. Sums were good.

    What works for each person/each family is different.

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    I think the social aspect of a lodge, even if I am overly romanticising it somewhat, is what I fin appealing here.

    We will need to see how we go for a couple of seasons before deciding if it's worthwhile anyway.
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    Lodges vary a lot so you need to be very aware of booking rules before you join one. Some have very limited access for kids, others encourage kids all the time. Some are very much slanted towards week long bookings, others make it easy to do weekends or other short stays.

    I don't have kids but my partner was a teacher so we often stayed during school holidays. You could see how much the kids enjoyed playing with other kids. Lodges work for parents too. They can socialise with other adults after dinner, with kids playing in another room or asleep in bed. I also see families who have become friends at the lodge being prepared to take each others kids up if parents get time off. Contrast to apartments where no one in the family has much opportunity to interact with others.

    When i go to the lodge it is often with other members i know and we share cooking duties, maybe only making 1 or 2 dinners for the week. Of course it took some years before I formed a group of friends like that.

    With kids also look for a space where kids can play that is not under adult feet. A pool or spa is a great asset with kids, especially on bad weather days.

    Of course you have to work in with other people in a lodge. That's not onerous for most but it doesn't suit all personalities. You should try to stay in a lodge before you buy in so you can assess the vibe as well as the facilities.
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    The majority of the people, particularly families, that I know at Falls that are what I would call regular skiers (more than a token holiday trip or two a year) are involved in a lodge or have been involved in a lodge and have progressed to property ownership. We do not fit into this category as we purchased a sub alpine holiday property as we were year round visitors to the area and it worked better for us with a dog and a significant proportion of our visitation being outside ski season.

    We now live here year round, but the good things about off mountain for us in my opinion are that we evolved to so that our focus is on skiing and getting as much time on snow as possible (not worrying about the holiday experience) which has meant that I consider us reasonably 'hardy' skiers, not too fussed about mountain travel, getting ready in carparks etc which makes travel to other resorts easier and the township where we had our holiday property had a stable year round community so that you got to develop acquaintances and friends and feel a part of your holiday destination.
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    Living in the valley is best of all. Having an on mountain base is pretty good too
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    Yeah, we often think about it. Our current arrangement works really well, I would say that as a family we ski more in a season than most, so I think if we would look OS ski destination of beachside. Have only recently sold our holiday property in Mt B so this is something we are considering.

    To be honest, when we have stayed on mountain since having Mt Beauty property we have found that for anything less than 3 days it's a lot less hassle and more enjoyable to just drive up each day. With a kid in school in Mt Beauty, our options for longer than a weekend is school holidays (save the taking him out of school for ski holiday for OS trips in Feb) and the busyness of that period and unreliability of snow doesn't present as attractive to plan a stay up there.

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    I am still trying to get my head around the variables at play - on/off mountain, transport and parking costs etc.

    My friend's family trip this year has fallen through, so I have picked up the torch and we now look set to stay at Chorki Lodge in Falls Creek from Sunday Aug 27. The cost seems pretty good, but figuring out how best to get onto the mountain has been interesting. If I had a 7-seater we could drive and park, but given we only have my wife's Getz (I cycle to work, so no car) it makes it a bit more precarious. I think we will be taking the shuttle up the mountain, parking at Mt Beauty.

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    Chorki is pretty close to the main road. You may want to walk to the lodge instead of paying for oversnow. If that is the case and you get the bus, ask the driver if he will let you off at Slalom st instead of the ATS (Accommodation Transfer Service aka oversnow) terminal. I havent used the bus for a long time so not 100% sure that they will still do that - no harm in asking It will half the walk. If you think walking with a young'un and gear is too hard, you can choose to send one person with all the luggage while the other walks after parking the car.