Pyrenees in early January 18

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    I find conflicting reports about early January, I understand this year has been quite good. Only had one recommendation for Mongie-Barèges. Any personal thoughts from those that have skied there?

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    Hmmm... funny I came onto the forum to ask basically the same question!

    Which is the most reliable resort at this time of year (preferably French)? Thanks
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    I can't give any recommendations but interested in answers also. Was thinking of a week or so in Basque region in early to mid January, maybe traveling across from Barcelona, before heading to Italian Alps for couple of weeks skiing in late January/early Feb.
    Noticed a couple of the interesting towns made reference to being near Pyrenees, so looked into ski areas on Spainish side and surprised by reports about places like Baqueria-Beret. Googled current snow bases and in that area Cerler and Boi Taull have biggest late season base. BB has decent base too.
    Not sure if that corresponds with early season snow. I imagine the area is exposed to storms off Atlantic from both south and north which may mean could be some wild weather in January? No idea really so would also like to hear from anyone who does?

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    My understanding of the Pyrenees is that it s somewhat like Tahoe in that it gets all the snow in the world or none.

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    Currently trying to work out Christmas at BB, accom is getting very hard to get.