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    Sydlouise Active Member

    I usually go to Perisher from Sydney every weekend in Winter and years of putting up tents in the middle of the night and packing them away in rain is getting a bit old.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had success negotiating or has ideas on how to find season long camping where a sturdy canvas tent could be left up for the whole winter. Ideally somewhere with power and access to showers/toilet. Not sure if council restricts private landholders earning spare money this way but presumably attractive to people with a big lot of land. There are about 8 of us who camp almost every weekend.

    I believe someone in our group has started discussions with alpine adventists but I rather like a few schnapps at the end of the day and like the idea of my stuff being somewhere more private if its an option.
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    Majikthise Sage Moderator Season Pass Gold

    It has been done before..
    Mind you an unattended camp is exposed to the vagaries of the weather and wildlife.
    I gather by the question you are fully recovered?
    Telemark Phat

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    Jindy Noticeboard Facebook Group. It will either work well or be an entertaining trollfest. Worthwhile either way.

    Majikthise Sage Moderator Season Pass Gold

    If she goes with that is she better off passing herself off as a horse lover?
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    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    We are working on something along those lines for the 2018 season.

    Out of interest how much would each person pay for site, fire pit, wood, water, power, covered cooking area ?
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    Had a mate who did a season at Pats, lined the floor of the tent with electric blankets, and ran them 24/7. Guys next to them did the same thing, but didnt pick the site so well, came home to a burnt out tent after a rainy day....
    robbo mcs

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    Yes it is.

    SMSkier Active Member

    That was going to happen regardless of the rain.

    Sydlouise Active Member

    $10-20 a night I'd say depending if there is somewhere to dry gear and shower plus opportunity to leave tent up / even store ski gear to make the weekly commute easier.

    I think the comparison points are:

    Alpine Adventists- Was $10 but now $17.50 pp a night including hot showers, toilets, powered sites, drying room but no cooking area so stuck eating out and nowhere to socialise. Plus no drinking on site.

    Big 4 Jindy- $81 a night for four people unpowered, $96 powered. Hot showers, toilets, indoor kitchen, spa & sauna (coin op), fireplace room, drying room but they're trying to make you pay to hire a locker to use it etc.

    Our group was going to to Adventists because cheapest but with the big price hike its not so ideal anymore.
    We used to always camp Thredbo diggings (free) but wet frozen boots is the worst and we're getting soft as we get old (plus discovered how good sleeping in a car with an electric blanket is).

    Sydlouise Active Member

    Still a long way off recovered, had thought I could maybe ski this February but it turns out walking up and down stairs is my greatest achievement so far. So now the Aus winter is my rehab motivation.
    Probably going to have to ease back into it on a lot of green runs but I should recover to 100% hopefully during the season. Accident was in June and the specialist said 12 month recovery was most likely so I'm feeling optimistic :)

    Wildlife and weather can bring it on, I'm looking at buying a tent like my friends which looks so indestructible, steel sprung poles, super heavy duty canvas etc. Scoping out a second hand one tonight. But yes somewhere sheltered from wind is probably a better idea than re-enacting storm scenes from Forrest Gump.
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    WaitAwhile Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    I was chatting to a bloke last year at Perisher and he was thinking of leaving his caravan at a church groups place for the season?.
    Not sure if this was the alpine adventists place someone else just mentioned.
    The prices were quite reasonable compared to the caravan parks.
    robbo mcs

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    Sydlouise Active Member

    Its $35 a week caravan storage at adventists, plus $17.50 per night you stay there. Better than the other parks for sure.

    Sydlouise Active Member

    This is what made me think of it :) Unfortunately only one place near Jindy but I'm hoping it takes off. I saw an article shoalhaven council sending cease and desists to a farmer listing his property on there.

    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    The council will be the biggest issue but I believe there are ways to obtain the relevant approvals. There certainly is demand and we have some lovely private sheltered spots. Something well set up, simple, limited numbers, short stay, private. It may not be called "camping".

    Working on the DA at the moment.
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    Egbert Dedicated Member

    BYO tents, or your tents set up "permanently" onsite?
    Telemark Phat

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    Good idea!
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    Call it home stay, or WOOFING, maybe have them harvest some of those winter berries or something
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    Darb Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    something like what are doing.

    Although I believe the councils are being their typical over-reaching twat selfs.

    I knew of one here where they hit the private owner up for all manner of compliance requirements all because they let a few guys camp down by their river.

    Bureaucracy gone mad.
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    Gumbo Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    How dare a local resident allow people to enjoy the town they live in :rolleyes:
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    ladycamper Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Adventists is a no alcohol and no drug camp. Doesn't appeal.

    Kelpieboy Dedicated Member

    Although the Adventists has its limitations ie alcohol etc its not a hard rule to get around if you really want to.
    I go there every winter for 4 - 6 weeks and I break their rules almost on a nightly basis. As long as your reasonably sensible about things its easy enough to have a drink. Maskarovka (Camo) is the way to go , buy a bottle of your favourite spirit and a box of mixers , drink some out of the mixer can - fill with your choice of spirit and away you go. As long as you don't make a goose of yourself its quite easy to have a few drinkies.
    If you want a ciggie its not that hard either , go for a short walk 200 odd metres , stand outside the front gate and smoke 'em if you got 'em. I find the short walk quite invigorating and helps to slow the alcohol intake a bit.
    As for the other types of drugs , naa not my scene anymore , sort of outgrew it fairly early on in life but if that's your thing then its still possible. Remember camo and sensible and things can be done. Its not as if they are monitoring your every move.
    There is a communal bbq which gets a bit of a workout at times , it all depends on who is there at the time as to how social things get.

    Anyway I don't mind the Adventists , decent facilities , decent location , reasonable price for a powered site ( I only use a swag but need my leccy for mini tv etc).
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    Makazaru Active Member

    I asked in the Jindabyne notice board (new and old) and Perisher Snow Riders, last season and heard bupkis. About four hundred PM's sharing the 'secret squirrel' adventist village though.
    Will try again this year and if anything comes of it, report back.

    rocketboy Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    Caravan and camping parks are complying developments (with a DA) on most farm lands. Only in special zones like Crackenback Valley are they not permitted under state planning code. (Dawoodduck your land is outside any restricted area under M-S Council LEPs)
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    MattyHoll Just Registered

    Stayed at Big 4 Jindabyne on Sunday night. If you like hearing trucks on the Jake brakes and cars racing along Kosciuszko Rd at all hours of the morning, pay extra for a locker to dry your gear and attempt to phone the manager 5 times and still not have them answer... Well that place is for you. Definitely not worth $81 a night, not even worth a cent more than free tbh.
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    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    I hope to have a decent size shed up by winter. Compost toilet and maybe and it's a very big maybe even some solar power.