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    Hi Everyone,

    Eleven of us (6 adults, 5 kids) are planning a two week trip to Shiga Kogen in December.

    I've been through brochures and web sites but am after some recommendations on where to stay from people who've been there before.

    I've read that the resort is pretty quiet and most people eat in their own hotels so am after a family friendly place preferably with apartment syle accom (i.e. one suite, two rooms) with a choice of restaurants, a bar (or two!) and of course ski in ski out.

    Any info gratefully received. Thanks!

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    Check average snow depths as one rule. Snow depth in Honshu can be touch and go in December. Hence try to stay in or near where the best average is.

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    We went there in Janurary, stayed at the Prince Hotel East Wing. Good rooms, 10m walk to the nearest gondola, very friendly staff. There wasnt really too many people there at the time, but on the weekends it did get much busier.

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    Bersarooms W-style Okushiga Kogen
    Hotel Heights Shiga Kogen Hotel Kumanoyu
    Hotel Khuls Shiga Kogen J/W-style hotel Ichinose Family
    Hotel Mount Shiga J/W-style hotel Ichinose
    Hotel Shirakabaso Hotel Maruike
    Maruike Kanko Hotel W/J-style hotel Maruike
    Okushiga Kogen Hotel Hotel Okushiga Kogen
    Ryokan Issa-no-Komichi NEW J-style ryokan Yudanka
    Shiga Kanko Hotel Hotel Maruike
    Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel Hotel Yakebitaiyama
    Shiga Palace Hotel NEW W/J-style hotel Kumanoyu
    St Moritz Hotel Ichinose
    Sunroute Hotel Western style hotel Ichinose
    Villa Alpen Pension Sun Valley


    Hotel Bedding
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    If you ride a Snowboard, it's no use staying at Okushiga Kogen, since they are skier only, and you cannot ride a lift out of Okushiga Kogen as a consequence. It's at the far end of the northern area, so if you stay the next resort along (Yakebitaiyama) you won't run into this problem.

    This also applies to a lesser extent at Kumanoyu. It is also skier only, but form those hotels you can access Yokoteyama as well. However, while there are 5 resorts accessible from those hotels at Kumanoyu, 2 of them are just one lift, so on a snowboard, you can only ride 2 out of the 5 if you're expecting more than one lift.
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    Thanks guys, a few places to look at there. One of us is a snowboarder (pain in the [auto-censor]) so will exclude the skier only places.

    Apart from the Prince Hotel has anyone stayed in any of these places and have any feedback (good or bad?).
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    Hi Blue Run

    Did a week in SK 09, stayed at Chu hotel in the Ichinose area, they do have family room with a loft,which may suit your needs they are not apartments and are not self catered, as far as i know selg catered apartment dont exsist in Shiga. The Hotel is well run with the owners speaking enough english to get by.You have a choice to eating at the hotel ( one dining room) or not.
    We booked our accom without meals, if youwould like to eat at the hotel you need to give them 24 hours notice. We visited the local restaurants, which are limited, you have a choice of the indian ( with the world biggest Naans) or the Japanese pub (which is excellent) , both are within walking distance.
    The lift is just out the back door and you can see the kids ski from your room ( Just request a room that faces the slope) Its a great way to end the day having a beer and watch the kids burn of that extra bit of energy.
    Not alot of families stay here , but a few schools groups from time to time. You wont bored in the snow for 5-7 days, but its not the whole package ( if thats what you are looking for)
    Suggest heading over to Nozowa for a 4 days or more it is a great combo.

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    Any one stayed at Hotel Mount Shiga. Okushiga hotel or Khul hotel? We have a 3 and 4 year old. So would like a family room/lounge can sit in while they sleep. Are there English ski schools near ichnoise area?