Perisher Flexi Pass - may not be released this year

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    Arsas New Member

    I just had word from Perisher via FB messenger that the Perisher Flexi Pass may not be released this year. It may mean nothing, but I always ask around this time of year when the Flexi Pass is going to be released and if there will be any early bird specials, the usual reply is "not just yet wait a few more weeks" and then they give me a heads up when it is going on sale. This year the response was "It may not be released this year"
    The Flexi was a 3 day any Day pass for $349 (it use to be $299 plus as many extra days for $99) plus you could reload an extra 3 days for $99 each.
    I am sure a lot of people on here buy season passes but I have bought the Flexi pass since it first came out (maybe 5 years ago??). It would be shame to see it go. It is the best value for someone that only skis 3-6 days and never books in advance, and just heads down when its good.
    I am hoping Thredbo will offer their Any Day pass which will make Perisher follow suit.

    Anyone else buy the Flexi Pass?
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    WaitAwhile Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    I was going to get one for the wife this year as she only just breaks even with the season pass .

    Snowfi Active Member Season Pass Gold

    Didn't get my Dad a season pass this year as he is only expecting to do a few days here and there. Was going to look at the flexi pass v mates rates (or whatever they are called now). Hopefully mates rates will still be there, even though last year they were not as generous as previously.

    dawooduck Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    I have bought PB flexi and Thredbo Any day before. If PB doesn't offer one then ... Dabo
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    LMB Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    They should be offering MORE passes like that, not less. What a shame.

    kylep Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    I've bought it in the past but didn't they take the 99 per extra day off last year? Signaled the end of that pass in my mind.

    Arsas New Member

    I bought 3 extra days last year. Last year was the first time they limited it to 3 extra days, it use to be unlimited.

    kylep Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    Were the still 99 each?

    Arsas New Member

    person s

    person s Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    do they really mean they don't know yet?
    not brilliant judgment and
    precisely so

    fmdc9 Active Member

    Maybe they want to squeeze out a few more season passes before announcing.

    oldgeezer Active Member

    Very poor design on the shop front page at the very least, i.e. no info about seniors prices etc this being the first year when I thought I'd qualify, and no option to select. A tease about an early bird off of buy 5 days for the price of 4 but nothing to elaborate on that. I'm guessing that one might have to go right through the checkout process and then select those sort of modifiers but it shouldn't be like that.

    hipo Dedicated Member Season Pass Gold

    "Under Epic Australian Pass"
    Lock in your Epic Australia Pass for only $799 for Adults, $451 for students (up to year 12) and $533 for seniors (65 years and over) by paying ONLY $49 upfront and the balance in June 2017!

    oldgeezer Active Member

    Right so I left a query and had a response. Took a bit of mucking around with the 'start date' and 'number of days' before the page displayed meaningful options, the first has to be from Monday June 12th.

    The early bird buy 5 and only pay for 4 option costs $384 which is the non-early bird price for an any 4 days pass. To that extent yes you do get the 4th day 'free'. But I think this represents a bit of sleight of hand because if you buy an any 4 days pass at the early bird rate the price drops from $384 to a discounted $338, and these are any 4 days so worth more than within 7 days of first ride. Steer clear of that special I reckon.

    Choosing the 5 or 6 day option presents a bit more detail wherein they are described as 5 in 7 and 6 in 7 whereas choosing 4 days makes no mention of 'in 7'. So my reading of that is it is any 4 days during the season, and thus a flexi pass. As indicated the page then display $384 as the price reduced to $338 early bird rate. My oldtimers' rate is $240 reduced to $211 at the early bird rate.

    It doesn't specify when the early bird period finishes so I reckon I'll lash out on $211 pretty soon.

    PS. Re-reading their email suggests that 'early bird' is a floating window, i.e. might mean buying at least 7 days before the first day of intended use.
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