Trip Report Overnight Twynam Oct 8/9th

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    It's been almost a month since this trip, but I've finally got around to lodging it.

    A few mates and I have been watching out for overnight camping windows with decent conditions since September and we finally saw a window open up.

    Early Saturday morning was expected to be low cloud and drizzly, clearing through the afternoon as winds tended variable into the afternoon and evening at height, followed by incoming weather and strengthening NW winds Sunday.

    We left Manly around 2:00am and got to Jindy at about 7:30am, with a mate picking up some snow shoes.

    A couple of days before we did a gear prep night and sorted all our packs.

    By the time we got moving it was mid-late morning and warm as the SE wind saw low cloud collecting over the Perisher and Thredbo sides of the mountains, but clear over Guthega way.

    From Guthega to Illawong Lodge and bridge then to the top of Twynam and then into the saddle between West Spur it was only 4 hours, so we made really good time.

    The sun was beating down and the weather warm with easing winds. Shirts off while building a snow cube barrier from the expected NW winds overnight and Sunday.

    After setting up camp we walked over to Twynam West Spur and dropped into Watsons creek with soft corny and fun as snow.

    Hiking out late afternoon we had an hour or so to sit and watch the sun go down with beautiful warm and glowing light setting up some amazing shots.

    The sunset was so beautiful and to be up there alone witnessing such an amazing site with just mates was incredible.

    For how warm it was during the late afternoon, as soon as the sun set the temps really plummeted and while making dinner, fingers started to get numb even inside gloves.

    Sleeping was cosy as and no problem with cold at all.

    The wind came up overnight and Sunday morning dawned overcast and crusty. We went for a walk around towards Carruthers and checked out the Sentinel south face which looked really inviting but the snow was all too crusty.

    A small window of clear skies and warming winds saw the snow corn up slightly so we rushed back to camp and dropped Twynam West Spur again, the hike out a bit more enduring second time around, then packed up and headed home.

    One side note, me and my mates boots got slightly wet down along the Illawong traverse on the way up and this resulted in a mild case of trench foot. My feet felt like they were so blistered up, but when taking off my socks Saturday evening they were just super wrinkled and tender.

    They were good to go Sunday morning after airing out, but with new socks in an already moist boot, it took no time to start deteriorating again. The hike out of Watsons creek was super painful, and the long walk out back to the car, hellish, but so relieving once back. Will have to invest in some better boots or a good water proofer.

    Arriving the other side of Twynam to see two people drop..


    Nice lines!


    My mate on top of Australia..

    Bottom of the valley, nice snow!

    Setting sun

    Blow tail

    One of my favs!!



    Jump into the evening..
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    Oh and The Sentinel..
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    Absolutely stunning. Thanks.
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    Sick trip Craigos.

    Couple of frame grabs from my little camera on the trip..

    Craig & Tristan hiking up the gully..


    Base camp.


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    yes very sweet pics..
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    Mister Tee on snow shoes

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    You cannot beat the Main Range in spring!! :)
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    Looks like an epic trip!
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