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Clothing Outdoor Research Neoplume pants

Discussion in 'Gear Swap - Buy, Sell & Trade' started by Moondog55, Apr 15, 2016.


    Moondog55 Active Member

    Simply too small and I can't return them
    Outdoor Research XL is most peoples Large but Bogong won't except a return as I have worn them even if it was only once or twice and this is OK I guess as they would have to sell them as S/H and they don't sell S/H gear.

    http://www.bogong.com.au/outdoor-clothi ... nts-1.html

    The blurb says it all
    So if you have a 90 to 97cm waist these will be perfect for your winter needs
    These are in "As-New" condition and make a perfect clothing combination with either softshell pants or windpant and underwear combination for real winter warmth.
    Full length separating side zips are the real key to the use of these, no need to remove skis/boots/snowshoes if the wind comes up
    Side bonus is they add up to 10C extra warmth in your sleeping system if the bag is a little cool for the conditions and is a way to extend a marginal bag into winter above the snowline
    I'll take the loss and use the sale money to buy a pair of XXL Patagonia pants while in the USA, those should fit my middle-aged gut
    Asking $199- post included You'll save $70- but will entertain reasonable offers
    I also need to sell my Duvet parka for the same reason, I've grown since I bought it a few years [ OK Decades] ago

    Moondog55 Active Member

    Any interest at $100-