Open Invitation - Workshops - Alpine Resorts Climate Adaptation Planning

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    Open Invitation - Press Release
    VIC Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

    Workshop dates: 26 April ~ 12 May
    Where: Melbourne: Mt Buller, Mansfield, Mt Beauty, Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, Bright, Omeo, Mt Baw Baw, Warragul, Lake Mountain & Marysville

    Alpine resorts have a special place in the hearts of many Victorians, and we need to ensure they continue to maximise economic and social benefits for all Victorians. The Alpine Resorts Climate Adaptation Project delivers on government’s commitment to support the alpine resorts to adapt to climate change.

    The Alpine Resorts Climate Adaptation Project begins with the Vulnerability Assessment. This part of the project will generate information which will be required when we come to planning ways to adapt to climate change. The next step will then be implementing those plans.

    The Vulnerability Assessment workshops present a ‘hands on’ opportunity for stakeholders and communities to explore and think through the challenges facing the alpine resorts as the climate changes. The workshops are designed to begin the task of building a platform for action – both personal and organisational – to maintain and enhance the economic, social and cultural values of the alpine resorts.

    The workshop will cover:
    · Climate change adaptation concepts: we will discuss climate change adaptation, and reflect on how other alpine resorts around the world have adapted
    · Exploring current values & climate change vulnerability: we will identify and discuss the current economic, social and cultural values of the Alpine resorts, and how these values might be affected by climate change
    · Exploring adaptive capacity: we will identifying and discussing how best to harness the region’s strengths for adaptation, how the future might look through adaptation, and what adaptive actions might look like.

    To RSVP for one of the workshops please visit the Engage Victoria website
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    I've had feedback that the organisers are getting good attendance direct from these forums - so I'm making this thread global sticky for a few days.

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    In all seriousness, cool initiative
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    Wow. Great idea.

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    Pity they are limited to Victorians - some of the rest of the world have a few ideas too.
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    Judging by the schedule the times are designed to influence & include key decision makers first and foremost (where invited). Sounds progressive.

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    A boondoggle..... bureaucratic oxygen thieves will be in force.
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