Advice needed One quiver for Japan (Hokkaido)

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    Hi, I am an aging advanced-intermediate, 165cm in height, weigh 57kgs. Looking for "the one" quiver. I have mainly skied Hokkaido Central (Niseko United, Moiwa, Rusutsu and Kiroro) - in resort and started doing gates and slack country. Aspiring to do more gates, side/slack country and eventually some backcountry. Living in HK, we don't get a chance to demo skis and Hirafu has a limited selection. I have been researching online and its all very US centric so finding it difficult to assess suitability for the conditions. I am considering Blizzard Black Pearls 88 2017 (too narrow?), Nordica Santa Ana 93 or 100. I ruled out DPS Nina 99 Hybrids as I thought they might be a bit too advanced for me. I would like confidence building set of all mountain skis. I have skied Volks Kenjas, Salomon Geishas so comfortable with up to 100 underfoot. Would welcome any thoughts and recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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    The guru has spoken ^^^^^^

    No more need be said.

    Incidentally (he says after saying no more to be said) I'm tending to the 100mm or so underfoot as a OSQ in Japan as a 90kg ish bloke. In that realm (97-108mm) seems to be the go for most adult males, with a bit narrower the go i would imagine for lighter women.

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    I'm similar size and weight to you. I have Volkl Auras for Japan. Work good.

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    My daughter and partner both ski the Rossignol Saffron 7. Very good, floaty, easy turning ski for Hokkaido.

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    I'm glad you're back, I would have shouted your membership but got beaten to it.

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    I can hardly ski and have a dps quiver, so do not rule them out.

    The more side / slack country you do the lighter you want your gear and still have it do the job well. For me the dps stuff does this.

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    I would consider the Salomon Q96 Lumen.

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    It's now the QST 99.

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    Fischer Ranger W 98 (172cm for you).
    Ranger are sick skis for Japan IMO.
    I have the 188cm mens version 181, 90kg. Magic and so versatile.
    P.S. I'm sure all of the above would be good as well.
    Personal preference.
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    Zimboo has C4 in his blood :D
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    Passion !!!!!!! LOL
    Fond memories.......keep it going.
    Every few years on new model for 30 yrs, never dissappointed for this punter. :D
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    Brings me to a question to Carveman (from bar pitt yesterday) , why is the OZ market US focused (not Euro as mentioned), when Nordica, Tecnica, Blizzard, Rossignol, Volkl seem to be represented well here?

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    My wife has Volkl Yumi's. Both Volkls would be a perfect choice. Used all around the world and she loves them.
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    Hi Latebloomer, the "Hybrid" construction by DPS would suit your stated needs nicely. The "Pure" construction may be too much for you but the "Hybrid" is silky and forgiving, as too is the shape of the Nina99.
    Cheers and have fun on whatever you decide upon.

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    I scored a pair of DPS Lotus 138's this season , and OMFG what a great ski !!!!!!
    I could just nearly ski them every day .
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    DPS Driver

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    Ha ha, I thought you might like them. That's great.

    They're more playful than the Lotus 120's aren't they. Looks like some stink coming your way to play in. I hope it pukes for you.