Nissan Beyond Hotham March 22 - 1 April 2012

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    Ever wondered what the 4wd tracks look like before they are all covered in Snow?

    Beyond Hotham is on again this year, run by Mt Hotham Resort Management Board.

    Lots of info is here but to cut a long story short, the event is 10 days of 4WD around Hotham and the surrounding areas, with one of the highlights being the opening of Machinery Spur Track which contains a WORKING gold mine (basically between falls creek and hotham). This track has been closed to the public for 20+ years and is opened up (under strict guided supervision) for the event in conjunction with Parks Victoria.

    Its an inportant event and it shows that Hotham is taking an active step to promote out of season events to bolster knowledge of the area as well as visitation.

    We sponsored it last year and are doing it again this year, so if there are any keen 4WD'rs or curious Skiers/Boarders that want a great experience and see a truely spectacular area why not come along.. You dont need to be there for the whole time.
    There are numerous social activities at night and also quite a few 3-4 night trips.

    Heaps of prizes and giveaways too.. (want a wearable sleeping bag, wink, wink!)

    Check the website for details!
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