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    I'll be in Niseko in January for the first time. Is it worth pre-booking ski hire or just doing it when there? Does it normally take long, because I have a ski lesson booked on my first day there (arrive the night before). Through my travel agent I can hire skis at Inski in Hirafu for about $400 for 11 days. Is this good? Or will it be cheaper when i get there?

    Sorry if I have no idea. Haven't been skiing since I was about 12!


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    That price seems appropriate, I can't think of any reason not to go with it. Then you know that you're all sorted and you're ready to go.

    If you're renting boots and skis it will probably take 30-60 minutes depending on whether there are others in the shop when you are there. You'll need to try on some boots, do the height/weight thing so they can adjust the bindings appropriately and you're off.

    Have a great trip [​IMG]
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    not sure if the table will land you at my search....

    but if it doesn't go to the homepage and click on the home page image of 56% off hiring in Niseko.

    Looks like your travel agent is taking a cut if you are hiring skis only.

    If you are hiring performance skis via inski, my personal experience with them was crap. I picked out 2 skis I was serious about buying and wanted to demo while there, and paid for the privilege. they didn't have any skis there that they had in australia and refused to discuss refunds or credits for not supplying what they'd said they would.

    I don't know if they have lifted their game since 2007, perhaps others in here have experience of them since then?
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    Booking with your travel agent you will always have the security of knowing that it is done, paid and someone is expecting you to turn up looking for your equipment. No matter what the price a travel agent is always making a sneaky commission from the booking.

    Turning up in town and hoping to get a cheaper rate, it may happen and probably could happen. But you run the risk of not having the right size or type equipment you want so you can get the most out of your trip.

    From my experience with talking with guests in town I would get my rental gear with Rhythm & Beats (aka Rhythm Snowsports Japan), here is their site.

    If you do decide to turn up and don't have any luck with the more popular rental equipment places, check out this local company - Goodsports -

    Hope you enjoy your stay! [​IMG]

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above, just my personal recommendation.
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    Crystal Sand skier extraordinaire Moderator

    Thanks for the info Niseko_Webzine

    K@os Addicted Member

    I got a pretty good demo board at Rhythm in 2008 - it was an '08 Burton, cant remember the model, had 08 Burton Triad bindings too. My mate got some awesome skis at the other place there - current years K2s of some description...when he was walking out a Japanese person walking in saw his skiis and said to him "ahhhhh verrry rucky" [​IMG]

    People with big feet may have issues just rocking up and it would pay to book in advance
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    I picked out stuff in Australia to demo in Niseko, they didn't come through with any of it, including the boots, though I wasn't so worried about them as my feet are small and I don't have boot issues generally. It was the skis that really sucked, i wanted a mid to high end performance ski and I got beginner to intermediate noodles. the main thing was the staff there didn't care at all and when I said I wasn't getting what I paid for they said take it up with sydney. I did and they said I should have dealt with it at the time. I've worked in the industry and still work in the sales area and IMO it was less than poor customer service to 100% guarantee I'd get the same skis I was choosing from in Australia when I arrived in Niseko and then to buck pass and do nothing, not even a simple "sorry such and such happened, beyond our control"

    As I've also said this was a few years ago so they could have picked up their game, but from what I've heard 2nd hand they haven't.

    I used to work for adlers, but have nothing to do with them now other than knowing the guy who runs the Niseko store, who is a top guy!

    My comment about the travel agent taking a cut was comparing $400 for "ski hire" via the TA and the Adlers silver ski and poles package which is $235 for 11 days. Rhythm are $20 less, so it comes down to the type of skis each has on offer IMO

    blutek Dedicated Member

    also 323 shop (local owner).

    jk7D New Member

    Black Diamond Rentals are good for Back Country gear including skins, transcievers etc

    If you go with your travel agents package at least you will know what $$ your up for before you get there. Get as much of it paid for before you go then you can start saving for drinks. Thats normally the way I do it.
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    Neslot Dedicated Member

    I assume most ski shops will do wax and sharpening in Niseko, anybody have any idea how much? I assume it would be cheaper doing it there rather in Sydney...

    LostinHK New Member

    Strong second for Adler. Jason and the guys there couldnt be more helpful or accommodating past 2 years I was there.

    Podlet Part of the Furniture

    No idea how much neslot, imagine it would be similar to here to be frank, it's the same service

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    I know of many cases when your travel agent just takes your money and gives you a coupon to take to the ski hire place. (They have take a cut of the sale).
    You then have to line up like ever other punter and get your gear IF AVAILABLE.
    I also know of many cases in Niseko where this happened and the ski hire place could not even help the customers out with ski clothing becuase they were all out even though the customers had paid. Absolute joke.
    My advise is go directly to the shop and make sure they have a proper booking system for you and can guarantee what you book is what you will get. This is likely done only if they have a computerised booking system. So of the Aussie shops have cheaper prices if prebooked thru Australia then just walking in when your at Niseko

    Good Luck

    Niseko_Webzine New Member

    Neslot go check out Bontak - Bon and his merry men are wax ninja and know the game! His site

    Wax and Edge is about 3000yen or just wax is 1500yen
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    BoofHead Dedicated Member

    Edges in Niseko??
    I found Larry Adlers cheap, good range and the staff pleasant and helpful.. The man himself was even there having a chinwag with customers. at 81 he still gets out for a cruise and a cuppa at King Bell.
    I preferred the kids skis at Rythm & Beats so I hired there for my son. more expensive than adlers though.