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Discussion in 'Backcountry' started by pykie, Jun 14, 2013.


    pykie New Member

    Hey guys,

    Basically a run down on me. Ski'd and boarded most of my life, work and what not have taken their toll the last 5 or so years, and after skiing France, Canada and the US the passion for Aus hasn't been quite there for a while.

    Really looking to try something different. Havn't done much backcountry stuff, and no heli skiing. But it's something that I really want to get into, especially the mountaineering aspect of it.

    Can anyone suggest any intro packages from any guides etc that they recomend to get some experience with this sort of thing? Or any groups etc?



    benchives Part of the Furniture Season Pass Holder

    Were you thinking about doing tis in Australia? If so there are a number of places/outdoor guiding places in jindy nsw and heaps in NZ, google away!

    Heinz Part of the Furniture Season Pass Holder


    climberman Part of the Furniture Season Pass Holder

    Try K7 Adventures at Thredbo.