Mt Wellington cable car. Opposed? In favour? Help!

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    Ramshead Well-Known Member

    Hello all. I'm keen to have a chat to anyone opposed to the proposed Kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car in Hobart for a story I'm writing for the Huffington Post Australia website, for which I work.

    Got loads of material from the pro-side, so I'm covered off there. But I'd especially like to interview someone who thinks it's a terrible idea. You don't have to a member of a group opposed to it. Just a concerned citizen and preferably a Hobartian. If that's you, then I'd love a PM with a number. My name's Anthony Sharwood BTW.

    I'd also be interested to hear all comments either way -- pro or anti -- in this thread, so this thing can turn into a genuine discussion of its merits or otherwise. Apols if there's already a thread for this. I looked but found nothing. Apols also mods if this is posted in the wrong spot. Apols to everyone (!) especially to LA LA Land for the Oscars stuff-up.


    Oh here's the blurb BTW


    Majikthise Sage Moderator Season Pass Gold

    That second leg would be a tad breezy you'd think...

    Ramshead Well-Known Member

    Yeah the 2.1km span. Spectac view but, um, yeah
    Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Needs funicular

    Majikthise Sage Moderator Season Pass Gold

    The view can be pretty optional as well...unless you are a cloud officionado

    tele-whippet beard stroker Season Pass Gold

    Ask over at the climbing website there was an opposition thread a while ago as the proposal will impact climbing on the Organ Pipes at Mt Wellington,
    Good luck.
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    Ramshead Well-Known Member

    thx Tele-W

    BlueHue Dedicated Member

    Mountain biking: if they build top quality trails top to bottom it will be unmatched in Australia for gravity fed riding with ~1200m vert to play with. There appear to be some mtn bike trails marked on one of the maps but little other information.

    Egbert Dedicated Member

    Looks great. Can't imagine it will ever happen.

    Majikthise Sage Moderator Season Pass Gold

    With a brewery at the bottom....
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    robbo mcs

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    It would be an amazing ride on a clear day, especially near the top. I am imagining glass bottom gondolas like they have on the peak to peak at Whistler. However, personally I would prefer to leave Mt Wellington as is.
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    benchives Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    It has echos of the Queenstown gondola in the sense they are kind of building it because it's there, not because of some exceptional reason but because it will draw more tourists

    VSG Pool Room Season Pass Gold

    A la Thredbo River to Charlottes... ;)
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    sbm Dedicated Member Season Pass Silver

    Please don't quote me, check out the chockstone thread though.

    My first ever bike ride as an adult was up that mountain, no-one told me it was a 1200m climb so it was also close to being my last. On the way down I blew straight past the corner that the Cascade brewer is situated on, rolled straight up to the door to the bar, threw the bike down and had the best pint of my life.

    The climbers (and bushwalkers I wouldn't doubt) are very against the gondola, with the main reason given is it ruins the wilderness character of the mountain.

    For the climbers, I suspect a reason *behind* that reason is that a lot of the popular rock climbs will instantly have a peanut gallery watching from above, and the Organ Pipe cliffs will go from being a lovely private eyrie above Hobart, to a bit of a circus. It's a nerve-wracking sport enough as it is without a large public audience watching and heckling (one reason that a lot of the Katoomba rock climbs around Scenic World and Echo Point etc aren't really done regularly, with Sublime Pt and Narrowneck being far more popular)

    The bushwalkers I reckon are just straight up against any development. They complain about historic tracks being rerouted around heinous swamps to go over drier land (the swamp was so *character building*! Look at this hardcore photo of me from 1895 thigh deep in black muck, now no-one will have to suffer properly like that to walk in a national park!). Though, given the history of what "progress" meant in Tasmanian wilderness, it's not an unreasonable position.

    Ramshead Well-Known Member

    Good points @sbm

    For the record, the story I wrote is here. Pretty bland piece. I didn't go hard one way or the other. Just spoke to people on both sides of the debate, including the developer, and put a few of their views out there for an audience who mostly would have been unfamiliar with the issue.

    Story clicked pretty well though, which is an indication that people probably feel strongly one way or the other. Cheers.
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    benchives Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    You need to do a story on the governments prmise to extend the ski tube to Thredbo and charlottes pass complete with artistic representation of what it expected to look like


    BlueHue Dedicated Member

    Jindabyne>Bullocks>Thredbo>Top of Thredbo, linking to Perisher line at Bullocks. Open it all year with EPIC and 365 passes providing access, allowing for top of Thredbo to Jindabyne mtn biking in summer and so that Jindabyne apartments can be marketed as 'walking distance to the ski lifts' ;)

    While we're at it make the tunnel multi purpose, whack a pipe or two in it and build a new dam in upper Thredbo River catchment for pumped hydro, making Thredbo a lakeside village at the same time. Bugger it, keep going to Charlottes, another dam, another lakeside ski village and more pumped hydro!
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    Ramshead Well-Known Member

    You guys aren't thinking big enough. We need a Very Fast Train from Central Station in Sydney STRAIGHT TO BULLOCKS/THREDBO/PERISHER. You know it makes sense. With catering by the Lebanese place that used to be on the top of the hill out of Cooma.
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    Legs Akimbo

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    Give this man a deadline stat. He's spinning out.
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    currawong Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    the development at the top looks worse than the actual cable car.

    I've only been up there once, by motorbike. It was a lovely summer day down below, but very windy up top. I don't know how typical that is. If it is typical, I can see why they might want a big place at the top, but seriously, what would people do there? the proposed building is an eyesore. who wants to eat in a cavernous cafe? They really would need to create something indoor at the top that is a worthwhile attraction in itself, or keep it to a smaller, more discreet building and assume that most people would not want to spend much time at the top before descending
    Telemark Phat

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    You're thinking of Rosie's. She moved into town. She's on Massy St next to the entrance to the Wollies note.
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    Did she used to be in Albion Park Rail?

    Ramshead Well-Known Member

    Wait, WHAT???????? REALLYYYYYYY????? This is very good news. She can expect much business from me this year.
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    Telemark Phat

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    Auto correct got it wrong. I've corrected the post to Massy St. In Cooma.
    Telemark Phat

    Telemark Phat Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    Her van just pulled up outside. 6452 4512

    telecrag Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    Didnt she start in town, then move out there? I think it was one of my early Leb food experiences, with the old xc crowd.
    Telemark Phat

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    Before my time.

    chicski Active Member

    Had lunch there just last week. mmmmmmmm
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