Mt Hotham Accommodation needed-all of August

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    Hot_ham on Rye

    Hot_ham on Rye Active Member

    Hi, do you have a one bedroom s.c. apartment,even a large bedsit that you would like to rent to us for 28 nights this August 2017.

    We can be flexible with the exact dates.To sleep 2/3 ie two beds or settee+bed , Arlberg/A.Haven area and uphill only would be suitable.

    Mature couple working for the ski Co. who will pay cash up front, all things considered.

    Consider renting to us directly and save on rental agency commission.

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    FatBoyDave Well-Known Member

    Hi Peter,
    yes I do indeed have an apartment for rent.
    It's a 3 bedroom and unfortunately not available for all of August as requested.
    August is peak season, so you might need to think laterally in what you are asking for.

    Peter, I've pm'd you. Apologies to those I accidentally posted their contact details here..
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    Hot_ham on Rye

    Hot_ham on Rye Active Member

    Thanks all, we are sorted ... I've pm'd FBD back so all good,Come on winter '17 !
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