Mt Buffalo Chalet - What's the current status?

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    This is the type of reason why Buffalo Chalet will never be redeveloped.
    There is less and less encouragement for visitors to look outside the town perimeter of Bright....or more correctly Bright will be attracting more and more visitors focused on a specific event based within Bright. Sure some will look beyond the event but not in the proportion of visitors heading there for a general 'High Country getaway'.

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    Concur, not going to happen.

    As DbSki points out, the place was built during a different era, when leisurely mountain chalets were in vogue, alternative attractions were few and a clear business objective to sell train tickets and accom packages the driver - not least of which was being owned by a well heeled govt utility.

    Renovations to today's travellers standards would be a nightmare moneypit.

    Best case scenario is the foyer & front of house is kept and restored and the accom wings totally demolished - replaced by small number of high yield luxury rooms. The front of house would need to be restored primarily as a day visit attraction with a 4 star destination restaurant that did lunch 7 days with the best service and wine list in SE Victoria.

    Even then the economics would be very marginal and marketing would need to be sustained for years to build reputation and momentum.
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    Yep the fact the Buffalo is a just a bit far from the local township it would be hard to tap into the local tourism, as in passing trade.
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    I like 'The Buff' the way it is , natural and beautiful ,wild, ancient and mysterious.If the great unwashed can't dig that then it is their loss .
    However paying nearly 60 clams a night to camp at Lake Catani is a rip off. The Hike in campsites at Mt McLeod and Rocky Creek are only about 14 clams per night and there no cars or hoons.
    So like many things of some quaint and aesthetic worth in Victoria today , the Chalet is doomed.