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    Hi there

    I have just booked flights and accom - yay!

    Does anyone know when the ski lift/hire packages are available to purchase online?


    Annitowa Active Member Season Pass Gold

    now i believe, early bird season pass is available now.

    Dumph Active Member

    Hutt, Coronet Peak and Remarkables all for $599 early bird deal. Outstanding value if you're here for more than a week and did a roadie.

    craighelo Active Member

    If not travelling the Hutt only season pass was $299 last year.

    Same again this year
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    Harper11 Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    That is great value

    Although you could get a one day walk up pass at vail for the same money
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    col Active Member

    1st snow of the year at Mt. Hutt coming in from the cyclone Debbie remnants. No idea how much they will get but my guess is anywhere from 10cm - says over 100 cm inbound :


    Computer generated guidance for Mount Hutt
    46cmTotal snow1mmTotal rainfall
    Wind at top: Southeasterly 20 km/h.
    Freezing level: Rising to 1900 metres.

    • Tomorrow
      06 April

      Rain, with heavy falls in the morning and snow to 900 metres, easing and clearing from the south during the afternoon and evening.

      Wind at 1000m: Southerly rising to 50 km/h.
      Wind at 2000m: Southeast gale 65 km/h turning southerly 65 km/h.
      Issued: 11:46am Wednesday 5 Apr 2017
      Computer generated guidance for Mount Hutt
      70cmTotal snow0mmTotal rainfall
      Wind at top: Southerly 50 km/h rising to southwesterly 60 km/h mid-morning.

      Freezing level: 1300 rising to 1900 metres overnight.

    Big chunks of ice on the cams :


    tinaskibunnywannabe Just Registered

    Snow already! Awesome! So what is the drive like going up the mountain?

    I'm booking a car but don't want to fit chains so was thinking 4wd with 3 kids in tow but I've a horrid memory from 15 years ago from QT to either Remarkables or Cardrona I think of very steep driving up the mountain that was a cliff hanger all the way up! Scary as hell- is MT Hutt the same?

    Maybe we should shuttle bus the whole way...
    Legs Akimbo

    Legs Akimbo Part of the Furniture Season Pass Gold

    It is an interesting road. Cars occasionally get blown off.
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    col Active Member

    I reckon Hutt will look like mid winter once this storm clears up tomorrow

    Heinz Old And Crusty Season Pass Gold

    Don't know if that still happens. Story I heard is that a van got blown off crossing the saddle near the top when some one opened the side door around 1979 (my first trip was 1980) before the wind breaks were put into place. The winds (NWesters) can get quite severe up there, but normally ski area gets closed when that happens.

    scullee Old And Crusty Moderator

    Fair chance you will probably still be fitting chains if there is snow falling.

    tr+h Dedicated Member

    I was there 7 or 8 years ago and 2 cars where at the bottom of that saddle then and the bus driver indicated they had both happened in the last few weeks. I also saw a car that got parked too close to the edge of the car park slide off into nothingness!! The passengers had just got unloading and it got caught by some wind maybe and started slipping sideways. Not sure if they got it back.

    col Active Member

    bottom of mt hutt this morning

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