Local Sim card recommendations for ski travellers

Discussion in 'Passport' started by XTREMO, Jan 9, 2017.


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    I purchased UK 3 sim off ebay prior.

    20 quid top up and got 12gb of data and unlimited calls to UK mobile and land lines. if you can wrangle a UK international phone card (ie that you can call a UK land line to use) or put money on skype.

    Was a godsend with all our dramas.
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    To reiterate a few earlier posts of mine - if you're on Vodafone in Oz with an eligible plan then the $5/day roaming might be your best option in a lot of places because it gives you calls to the country you're in plus calls back home. It covers Japan, NZ, pretty much all of Europe, the US and Canada. The full list is here.