Living at dinner plain

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    And what is wrong with that?
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    It's a busy tourist town, it wouldn't have the infrastructure it has if it wasn't. Yeah you can choose other places for peace a quiet, but I can live on an acre, be surrounded by state forest and still walk less than 1km to a Woolies, my choice of coffee shops, cafes, doctors, dentists etc. And have skiing an hours drive and bike trails on my door step. Don't have those options up or down the road.

    Huge cycling community, 2mins from the door to the morning 6am bunchride, and about 2mins to mtb singletrack; great local community to, wasn't difficult to make friends.

    Each to their own really.
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    I still do love Bright but it did my head in on the weekend. Weekends and holidays are getting more and more painful.
    MIL has now moved house and is closer to town (700m vs 1km - she is on the Hotham/Falls side of the roundabout now rather than up near the Bright Resort), not liking it:cry:
    During the week though, I love it.
    The MTB park was chockas yesterday.

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    Trying driving 40 klms around Sydney. Try getting to the airport, or Manly or Bondi.
    Suck it up Princess, you are not suffering, trust me. :)

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    But people moving to a small country town are generally looking to escape that crap
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    All have comprises. That's Why Thredbo appeals as a Vic if I had to tree change.

    My two cents:
    Most mtn towns seem pretty dead in the winter, while the mtn said die in the summer. Falls, DP & Buller seem to have their big 3-4 summer/Autumn weeks or weekends, Hotham just dies.

    Not sure if it's just me: Myrtleford doesn't impress as a tourist, maybe if I hung around longer. In summer it' feels hotter & drier than Bright & co. In winter, Everything except the pubs look shut by 9pm. Bright looks better but it's no Queenstown. At least in summer Bright has some life. And it's central to 3 hills if Ol Bufff counts?

    But who wants to drive up or worse, down the Hotham road regularly in winter? Better to live at DP which has some life summer & winter.

    A better model would be day skiing up top with a village below by Gondola or funicular. But that plan (Hotham) won't ever happen! The seeds are sown.

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    You have to also consider the proximity to services .
    Places like DP( and Thredbo) have very limited services for 8 months of the year , Even a simple trip to a decent supermarket, hardware shops,chemists , dentists or even mechanics can involve 1-2 hr return trips, for a specialist add another hour or two
    At best you may only have one choice for electricians, plumbers that live close bye and trying to get whitegoods and electrical equipment involves a long drive or getting stuff delivered, at a cost.
    Unless your super organised it can be more benificial in the long run to live in the towns off mountain like Bright, Mt Beauty and Jindabyne etc.

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    Thredbo has pretty much the same services all year, for better or for worse.

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    You mean like supermarkets , hardware shops, electrical/household furnishing shops.
    Even for a mechanic there is about one ? option , for newer vehicle(servicing & warranty issues) its probably a 2.5 hr return trip.
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    Thredbo has the same shops open in summer as winter. Sure, the restaurants stagger opening days in the very low periods but the mini-market is open all year, etc (maybe the newso isn't?).
    No one is getting their car repaired there in winter either. Those services are in Jindabyne (or Cooma or Canberra!)

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    Bright would be the go if you are choosing between on Mtn and off (eg Bright and DP). DP is very depressing in summer, and in winter is .....very depressing. More rain that Hotham and rent is 4 times the low land, and most of the accom is full of staff that think they are special and have special rights to everything. If you are living off mtn, the road is fine, did it for 11 years all seasons every day. If you are heading up for a ski just leave early and avoid the rabble. Bright is getting busy again in winter, the last 5-6+ years have noticeably busier each winter, more like it use to be 20 - 30 years ago. When people chose more inexpensive accom options off mtn leaving them with more choices.

    Funnily enough, because there is no incentive to invest in multi-day lift passes or resort entry, staying off mtn and buying day by day is best value to avoid bad weather days, rainy days (apparently it does happen) etc.

    Dont discount Mt Beauty as a base for same reasons, although views arent as good from the Falls road (personal opinion)!

    Bright is a vibrant/busy town pretty much 12 months of the year and while it is much much busier than it use to be I still love it for the scenery, people, food, sporting options, and of course the serenity :)
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    Talking about services at DP. Weren't they going to get a petrol station and mechanic a few years ago?

    I mean these are meant to be 'vibrant mountain towns' but it's 100 kms and 2 hrs between petrol - & that's if Harrietville or Omeo stations are open?

    ...makes you wonder why it all takes so long? Environmental criteria perhaps?

    The absence of these key services all add up to a major impediment if living on the hill.
    (Chicken & Egg)

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    First world problems. Property is crazy cheap - most places for sale atm are still way below what you'd pay to have them built. Omeo is a beautiful 20 mins drive down the hill. There's 2 servos, a chemist, supermarket and hardware shop. I keep a jerry can of diesel in the garage in case. One of the nice things about DP is knowing there'll never be a Maccas or Bunnings. Although we could do with a bike/outdoorsy shop.
    The internet is fine. By 8 am the kids are out the door on their bikes and you don't see them for the rest of the day which is a rare treat. At 4pm if you've been working, you jump on the MTB and head off into one of the world's largest MTB parks. Or ski from your doorstep when the snowpack allows. I guess it's whatever you need.

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    We love dinner plain.
    We have owned a house there for 18 years and wife and kids have stayed up for the winters for the past 4 years.
    Schooling and skiing experience is invaluable for them.
    Fantastic local community and a great environment for kids to play safely in a village atmosphere.
    Summer is fairly quiet but hey that's why we go there. Bike riding, fishing , hiking etc.
    Amenities are fine...a half hour trip to Omeo once a week for petrol and groceries is no big deal,its an easy drive down the hill.
    You can have home deliveries of groceries, furniture , hardware or what ever you want .