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    I was reading in one of the posts last year, something about ski sales in Jindabyne on the opening long weekend but cant seem to find it again,,this question only relates to gear from the retail shops,do they still do them and do they include boots and skis and bindings .The plan was to get some new skis and bindings or decent demo's this year,although might have to bite the bullet and get new boots as they have continually given me problems after a 6 year break from skiing,I've had them blown out around the big toe and stitching redone on the inner liners,worked well for 1 year ,then went and done an oblique fracture ot the big bone in my big toe 2 summers ago while windsurfing and it,s now a bit bigger than it originally was, so I am back to square one ,not sure if I should try and get them worked on again or stop being a tightarse and just buy some new ones,I have only spent about 40 days skiing in them,so seems such a waste to get rid of them and are still in quite good condition,but they were bought in 2004 in N.Z.We were skiing in Engelberg last month and had some 27cm hire boots and I could stay in them all day.Mine are 26cm and after the first day its time for the painkillers, is it time to part ways. and end the relationship.?

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    the one I was reading about last year was for new gear at the retail shops,probably old stock or when new models were released and they wanted to get rid of the previous model ,and most of the shops done it on the Saturday morning-apparently.

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    Some of the retail shops sell at that sale. I know Harro does so would assume others do.

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    righto ,thanks for the info ,I will go and have a look first up in the morning,maybe I misread the article last year.